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NCSU researchers 3D-print hydrogel-based CO2 capture filters; filter contains carbonic anhydrase--an enzyme that speeds up the conversion of CO2, water into bicarbonate--showing 3D printing can create faster, more precise filter designs

Study finds sucralose --an artificial sweetener sold as Splenda-- forms a genotoxic compound sucralose-6-acetate when digested that breaks down DNA, makes lining of the gut wall more permeable; author says sucralose is 'something you should not be eating'

PP in biodegradable PHB blends hinders biodegradation, creates micro- and nanoplastic pollution, says NCSU Nonwovens Institute study; blending of brittle PHB biopolymer with PE or PP has been proposed to improve mechanical properties

NCSU researchers engineer yarn-shaped battery for use in garments, powering wrist watches; zinc-ion battery utilizes unique properties of graphene, manganese dioxide microparticles, is being designed to be comparable to a commercial battery

NCSU, Flinders University researchers develop simple liquid metal coating for textiles which can repair itself, repel bacteria, monitor ECG heart signals; coating maintains conductivity when stretched, could be applied to soft robotics, wearable devices

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