• All employees are decision makers and our solutions help them make smart decisions.

    Everyone is a decision-maker
  • We break through clutter to serve up relevant intelligence at your fingertips.

    The end of information overload
  • We manage the glut of information about your market. We do the dirty work so you maximize your productivity.

    Efficient information management
  • Our communication tools ensure all your stakeholders possess the same, up-to-date intelligence anywhere, anytime.

    Out of chaos - clarity
  • Generate instant reports with our patented technology to act quickly on the latest intelligence.

    Your job, better and easier
  • With our technology, you connect the dots and see trends ahead of your competitors.

    Smart companies

There are over 1 billion websites in the world.

20%-30% of your workday goes to looking for information that you need to do your job


How do you get

- the most relevant

- and up-to-date information

to make smart decisions?

You can look it up on the Internet or Intranet

But how many searches would you do?

One, two, more like eight, or would you just give up without finding what you need?


You can email someone to ask for the information

And wait for a reply … if they even reply

Or dig through your cluttered inbox to see if the right information is there

You can subscribe to different information sources and track alerts but …

Lots of platforms can clutter your screen

You also have to set up each platform

And there’s SO much to remember:

  • logins
  • passwords
  • who does what?

You can order market reports from research firms

But market reports are often too dense … and who has time to read all that?

Not to mention costly. REALLY COSTLY.

You just don’t have time to do all that searching and filtering

Right before you go to a presentation or meeting


So what do you do?

If only you could hire a team of experienced professionals to do the dirty work so you can do the smart work.

Isn’t the idea of hiring a whole team just a pipe dream?

But it’s not!

You CAN have a team of professionals who

  • vet market intelligence full-time everyday
  • tell you what’s important in each story
  • put every tidbit in one platform so you get the full market picture at a glance
  • tag articles so related details automatically come up when you’re reading
  • deliver the information even when you’re mobile

and much more WITHOUT costing you the full-time equivalent headcounts you’ll need


We’ve done the “dirty work” for MANY companies


Why not yours?


Internet Search Content Aggregators Subscriptions Relevant Information at your fingertips
Providers Google, Yahoo Factiva, LexisNexis, Meltwater ThomsonReuters, Bloomberg, Industry Publications / Newsletters Industry Intelligence Inc.
Target users Untargeted - Generic Information Professionals: Analysts & Researchers Information Professionals: Analysts & Researchers Every knowledge worker at every level & function
Underlying framework Click, Click, Click:
Information overload
Build, Build, Build:
Manage & construct your own search queries
Read, Read, Read:
Manage, dig & process the information
Digestible 360º views
Business model Sell advertising = get users to click and spend time online Sell content = get users to spend time trying to filter content Sell Research = get users to spend time diving deep into singular narrow issues Industry Intelligence Inc puts relevant market intelligence at your fingertips. We make sure that information is always digestible and always relevant
Solution based on Technology Technology Journalists/Editors Sector-specific knowledge + Information management experts + Proprietary & patented technology
Industry/sector focus yes yes yes yes
Supply & demand market drivers by industry/sector yes yes yes yes
360º view: news + analysis + data + opinion + social media yes yes yes yes
Connect-the-dots technology: by market / sector / company / topic yes yes yes yes
At-your-fingertips technology: online dashboard / push reports/ mobile app / targeted alerts yes yes yes yes
Built-to-order reports yes yes yes yes
Deployment N/A License Fee Decentralized individual-based subscriptions. Demand-based: Corporate and/or business unit and/or group and/or individual subscriptions