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Researchers from universities in Thailand and Malaysia partner to develop naturally decomposing film using starch from waste pineapple stems; film offers potential as a packaging material with reduced environmental harm

ProAmpac unveils ProActive Recyclable R-2200D Easy-Peel Open Packaging; the PE-based film is designed to replace laminated, non-recyclable structures for snack packaging, is engineered for FFS applications, is pre-qualified for store drop-off recycling

Silbo replaces plastic stretch film on all its pallets with Mondi’s Advantage StretchWrap kraft paper, using a new fully automated wrapping machine; the wrap is fully recyclable, more efficient, provides higher pallet stability than plastic film

Swedish startup Reselo, backed by European Innovation Council, develops process to transform birch bark into a biomaterial it calls Reselo Rubber; it is produced from residual streams from forest and pulp industry and could replace fossil-based rubber

Mondi creates new paper bags for wooden pellets by Austria-based Holz-Bauer, replacing existing plastic bag solution; the recyclable PelletBags are created from two-ply Mondi kraft paper created from renewable, responsibly sourced fibers

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