Nestle displays eight of its business units and more than 300 of its best-selling products from 16 countries at the 5th China International Import Expo in Shanghai; 90 of the company's products being displayed are entering China for the first time

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BEIJING , November 7, 2022 (press release) –

On November 5, the 5th China International Import Expo (CIIE) kicked off in Shanghai, focusing on displaying cutting-edge products and innovations in various industries. Nestle, a world-renowned food and beverage company, brought eight business units and more than 300 best-selling products from 16 countries around the world to the Expo, of which more than 90 products entered the Chinese market for the first time.

"Greater China is Nestlé's second largest market in the world. As the first batch of foreign companies to enter the Chinese market, Nestlé is also one of the first companies to confirm its participation in the CIIE, and has now participated in the CIIE for five consecutive years. One of the important platforms for China to continue to open up and share "China's opportunities", the CIIE has provided foreign companies like Nestlé with the convenience and guarantee of two-way communication and win-win development." Executive Vice President of Nestlé Group, Nestlé Greater China Region Chairman and CEO Zhang Xiqiang said, "The proposal of the 20th National Congress of 'adhere to a high level of opening up and accelerate the construction of a new development pattern of domestic and foreign dual circulation' has given us more confidence to grow together with the Chinese economy and grasp it." China Opportunity' to create a nutritious, healthy and happy life for Chinese consumers."

In recent years, Nestlé has combined global resources and high-quality products with the needs of Chinese consumers, and continued to develop and innovate products with high growth, large categories, and health. In particular, from January 1, 2022, Nestlé's China market has been promoted to Greater China, bringing a new round of assistance to local innovation and growth. Since the beginning of the year, a series of new products have been launched one after another, covering the dietary and nutritional needs of each individual and family including infants, adults, and pet partners throughout the life cycle. These products have also appeared at the CIIE this time: In mid-June, Nestlé’s infant nutrition business launched the first carbon-neutral product in Nestlé’s Chinese market – Zhuo Chunneng 3 organic milk powder; Nestlé Health Science is based on the world’s strong life science and Nutrition science research and development capabilities, launched China's first full-nutrition formula special medical food "Suyisu" for cancer patients in July ; in September, Garden of Life , a subsidiary of Nestlé Health Science, launched two new compound probiotic solid beverages for the first time in China; In terms of pet food categories, Nestlé Purina upgraded its guaneng® dog food products in September ; STARBUCKS® Starbucks Coffee and Nespresso Espresso Coffee also launched seasonal limited products and holiday limited edition products respectively to meet the increasingly diverse consumers. changing coffee consumption demand.

In addition to the above-mentioned products, many Nestlé "star brands" have also appeared at the CIIE. For example, Perrier ® Paris water , which uses Perrier spring, which is one of the few naturally containing bubbles, as the only water source, and S.Pellegrino ® , a natural mineral water from the Alps San Pellegrino , from the European aristocratic table to the star restaurant's star-selected water Acqua Panna ® , Maggi ® , which has been focusing on delicious food for more than 130 years, and the active protein OPN from the infant nutrition business unit, for Wyeth Qifu® 3 Yun Chun TM and Wyeth® Platinum Zhen® 3 , which provide stronger protection for babies , come from Nestlé Health Science Business Unit, and Enminshu HMO , which provides personalized nutritional solutions for infants and young children, etc.

At the same time, sustainable development has always been the top-level strategy of Nestlé's development, and has been incorporated into the entire chain of product development and innovation, which has also become one of the highlights of Nestlé's booth. On the way to achieve the dual carbon goals, Nestlé Greater China has made active deployments in three aspects: further reducing carbon footprint, accelerating sustainable packaging transformation, and promoting sustainable procurement.

Nestlé is also actively promoting the carbon neutral transformation of the brand. Since 2017, Nestlé Espresso Coffee, which has gradually achieved carbon neutrality in business operations, will achieve carbon neutrality in the entire value chain in 2022. It is worth mentioning that at the CIIE, Nestlé Espresso Coffee and the well-known domestic skateboard brand DBH (DO BY HEART) carried out cross-border cooperation to launch limited edition skateboards. Recycled aluminum. Recently, Nestlé invested another 1 billion francs in the implementation of the Nescafé 2030 plan, which aims to work with coffee farmers to achieve sustainable coffee cultivation and promote the transition to regenerative agriculture. The implementation of this move in Greater China will help Yunnan continue to protect local water, soil and biodiversity, and further contribute to rural revitalization.

Taking advantage of the "China Opportunity", in the future, Nestlé will further develop the Chinese market, jointly participate in the construction of a healthy China, and continue to contribute to the high-quality and stable development of the Chinese economy.

About the exhibits infant nutrition

Nestlé Baby Nutrition brings Zhuo Chunneng En 3, which protects the ecology of the pasture from the source. The whole process is produced in strict accordance with organic standards, conforms to the natural production method, insists on not using chemical agents, and the pasture is naturally fallow without fertilization, so that the soil can be restored to its original fertility. , The grass matures naturally without prompting growth, and slowly absorbs natural nutrients, the cows naturally graze without prolactin, and naturally breastfeed and produce milk happily. All of this is only for the purpose of harvesting natural and original nutrition and creating reliable milk powder quality without affecting the environment. Adhering to the concept of sustainable development and advocating the laws of nature, Zhuo Chunneng 3 organic milk powder reduces manual intervention in all production processes, uses renewable and clean energy, uses plant-based materials for packaging covers and spoons, and conducts carbon footprint calculations for the entire chain. Strict standards protect the natural ecology. On the basis of emission reduction, Zhuo Chunneng En 3 also actively participated in the large-scale afforestation project in Guizhou, offset the carbon footprint by absorbing carbon dioxide naturally, and truly achieved the net zero emission target. As the high-end organic milk powder of Nestlé Nenen series, Zhuo Chunnen 3 not only meets the nutritional needs of the baby, but also protects the baby's future living environment, leads the high-end process of Nestlé infant products, and further promotes Nestlé's goal of achieving net zero carbon emissions .


Wyeth Nutrition, a subsidiary of Nestlé, provides scientific, innovative and high-quality maternal and infant nutrition products for Chinese families. The products exhibited at the CIIE include: The Qifu® series imported from Ireland (including Qifu® 3 , Qifu® Organic 3, Qifu® Yunchun ) , Wyeth® Platinum® 3 produced and imported from Switzerland , Wyeth® Platinum ® 3 Organics produced and imported in Singapore , and Qifu® 3 Future and Qifu Sensitivity imported across borders. Wyeth Nutrition gathers global resources, specializes in researching excellent formulas, pursues excellent quality, a century of excellence, and benefits new life!

Among the products exhibited by Nestle this time, Qifu 3 contains the active protein OPN, which is the key immune protein in golden colostrum. It is 4 times rarer than lactoferrin, and its activity reaches the intestines and activates the protective power in one step. It has been scientifically proven that consuming enough active protein OPN doubles the number of immune factors in the baby's body at 12 weeks, bringing stronger protection. Only 30% of the world's rare A2 milk source, clinically verified by Peking University, is naturally easy to absorb, making the baby's stomach more comfortable. Based on cutting-edge technology, Qi Fu 3 Yun Chun provides colostrum-like protection for babies.

Wyeth S-26 Platinum has always been concerned about infant brain development, and has been committed to early brain development research. In order to provide better nutritional support for Chinese babies, Wyeth S-26 Platinum has long-term cooperation with Lausanne Research Center-Swiss Brain Cognitive Laboratory, bringing a cutting-edge smart and good nutritional combination: cephalin group with milk fat globule membrane and excellent dose DHA, provides nutrition during the critical period of baby's brain development, assists the connection of hundreds of billions of neurons in the baby, and comprehensively improves the expressiveness of the six dimensions of visual acuity, movement, language, reaction, cognition and emotion.

Three Nestlé Encor nutritional supplements were also exhibited at the CIIE, providing comprehensive and personalized nutritional solutions for infants and young children, allowing parents to make targeted choices for their babies according to their actual needs. Among them, two nutritional supplements, including HMO* Protective Power Drops, use the largest active nutrient HMO (breast milk oligosaccharide) in breast milk as the main component, which stimulates the baby to enhance self-protection through various mechanisms. Fights pathogens, also promotes the growth of probiotics, reduces the incidence of respiratory diseases in infants and the use of antibiotics and antipyretics, and the protection lasts for 6 months even if the formula is stopped. The two HMOs used in the above products have been double-certified by the European Food Safety Authority and the US Food and Drug Administration, so you can use them with confidence.

In addition, Nestlé has also prepared two Nestlé mother nutritional supplements for mothers, specifically targeting the individual nutritional needs of Chinese mothers and helping to supplement nutrients during pregnancy. Among them, Nestle Mom All In One is rich in DHA, a variety of vitamins and minerals, which can reduce the risk of anemia, significantly reduce the risk of neural tube defects in newborns, while promoting infant brain and visual development, and improving children's cognitive development. Nestlé Mama G Stable Powder is aimed at women at high risk of gestational diabetes. It helps maintain normal blood sugar levels in pregnant women, greatly reduces the risk of gestational diabetes, and helps block the vicious intergenerational cycle caused by gestational diabetes, for short-term and long-term health of both mother and baby Lay a good foundation.

Nespresso espresso meets coffee

The Vertuo Plus series coffee machine launched by Nespresso Espresso is highly automated and easy to operate. It can prepare different styles of Nespresso coffee, and provides four types of coffee cups from espresso to mug coffee. The coffee machine also uses barcode recognition technology to automatically match the optimal extraction parameters, which can better capture the aroma contained in the coffee. The one-button operation design of the coffee machine allows coffee lovers to easily prepare rich and fragrant coffee with only two taps: one to open the lid and one to extract coffee. In addition, the removable water tank of the Vertuo Plus enables easy adaptation to different usage scenarios and presents a very modern design.

Even more surprising for coffee lovers, there is also the appearance of 2022 Festive Limited Edition Coffee 2022 Festive Limited Edition Coffee. Nespresso and the famous French dessert master Pierre Hermé co-branded the love of Paris festival limited series, based on the artistic creativity of the pastry chef, integrating the tempting dessert flavor into the customized coffee base, presenting the mellow coffee and exquisite desserts. Magical chemistry.

In April this year, Nespresso Espresso Coffee was officially certified as a B Corp™ Beneficial Enterprise, continuing to practice social responsibility and sustainable development strategies. Through the AAA Sustainable Quality™ program, Nespresso works with more than 140,000 coffee farmers in 18 countries to continuously improve the quality and yield of coffee beans, ensure a sustainable long-term supply of high-quality coffee, and improve the lives of coffee farmers and their communities quality.


Starbucks Coffee at Home allows Chinese consumers to enjoy a cup of their favorite Starbucks coffee without leaving home, experience the fun of making it by themselves, and start sharing moments with family and friends at any time. In 2019, the Global Coffee Alliance released the cooperation on Starbucks home coffee, which has grown rapidly since then. In the first half of 2022, Starbucks home coffee products continued to maintain strong growth. The Global Coffee Alliance has performed particularly well in China. Since its launch, Starbucks Home Coffee has continuously enriched and improved its product line, leading growth in multiple categories.

At the CIIE, Starbucks Home Coffee brought 45 products from the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Portugal, France, Japan and other countries, including Starbucks boutique instant coffee, instant fancy coffee, and portable drip coffee. (Hang-ear coffee) and classic cocoa solid beverages; smart Starbucks capsule coffee products (suitable for Nespresso espresso coffee machines and Nespresso coffee machines); and roasted coffee beans and grinders enjoyed by masters coffee products. Among them, 7 are brand new products that will be launched in 2022.

Among the products that appeared at the CIIE, there are also 5 products in the Starbucks holiday limited series that have just been launched. Among them, Starbucks Festive Comprehensive Coffee Beans and Ground Coffee Products, inspired by the time-honored Starbucks Christmas Selected Coffee Beans, are blended from Latin American and Indonesian coffee beans. The taste is balanced and layered, with herbal aroma and The smooth sweetness of maple syrup. Starbucks Toffee Nut Flavor Latte is derived from Starbucks' legendary Christmas drink Toffee Hazelnut Latte. It uses the same coffee beans as Starbucks coffee shops, blends with dense milk, and has the delicate and sweet taste of toffee and roasted nuts. After the warm taste.

In the future, Starbucks Home Coffee also plans to continue to introduce more innovative coffee products, such as fancy coffee blended milk, coffee concentrate, etc., so that Chinese consumers can truly "enjoy stars at home". All Starbucks Home Collection products use 100% ethically sourced coffee to support the economic, social and ecological sustainability of the coffee origins and communities. In the manufacturing process of packaging materials, Starbucks Home Coffee uses more and more recycled materials such as recycled paper and recycled aluminum.

bottled water

In the changing world of bottled water, Perrier water from France, S.Pellegrino and Acqua Panna from Italy are popular worldwide.

PERRIER ® Paris water, a uniquely fun, adventurous French iconic brand. Its only source of water comes from the extraordinary Perrier spring, located in the town of Vergèze in the southern French mountains, one of the few in the world that naturally contains bubbles, in the golden geological zone of 45 degrees north latitude. In 863, Napoleon III officially granted Perrier spring the French natural mineral water certification, with the official seal of France and the blessing of the sacred halo. To achieve the extraordinary taste of Paris water, in addition to good water sources, it also requires unique natural gas bubbles. Dr. Perrier, a medical doctor, has been trying various methods for 2 years. For a hundred years, the natural golden ratio of Paris water bubbles has been maintained, and it has always been stable and strong. The taste of Parisian shisha fireworks blooms. Therefore, Paris water has become the "water of inspiration" for creation, allowing literary giants Hemingway, Gauguin, Cezanne, Fitzgerald... to create many masterpieces. Later, people who were in love with men and women used Paris water to rinse their mouths before kissing. Paris water has since become a "kiss water" for men and women to express their love by kissing, and it has also become a romantic symbol shared by the world. Since 1978, Paris water has long been the official water of the French Open, witnessing the birth of nearly 100 French Open champions. Since then, Perrier has also launched a series of 0 sugar, 0 calories, 0 fat, 0 sweetener flavors, extracted from natural fruit essence, and found the balance of true health and taste. For 160 years, the Paris water in your hand is not only Paris water, but an extraordinary feast of French temperament.

The legendary taste of San Pellegrino began in the Italian Alps in the 13th century. The natural and pure natural mineral water made the town of San Pellegrino become a gathering place for European business and political celebrities and a well-known holiday destination at that time, and harvested the "miracle" water" reputation. San Pellegrino has a unique 3-level taste wonderland, which is progressive: 1) The rich mineral fragrance, the mouth is as mellow as fine wine; 2) The natural carbon dioxide contained in the water comes from the Italian geothermal field, bringing fine and dense bubbles, emitting Silky sweet; 3) Minerals, bubbles, and food blend and sublime. After being bottled in 1899, it became popular in high-end restaurants in Italy, and quickly became popular throughout Europe with the title of "holy water for meals". San Pellegrino insists on filling with the only water source, which is the insistence of Italian national treasure-level table water. The San Pellegrino spring from the Italian Alps is taken from 1,300 meters below the aquifer, and its water flows through limestone and volcanic rocks for 30 years to naturally infiltrate. At the beginning of the 20th century, San Pellegrino was given the logo of "Symbol of Exellence", an Italian high-quality product, which has been popular in more than 150 countries and regions around the world so far, conveying the refined and elegant Italian way of life to the world.

Puna, the legendary water of nobles, was born by accident and was discovered in the uncultivated Puna water source. The lily badge on the Puna water bottle is a symbol of the glory and nobility of the Medici aristocratic family. Bright European art and history are gathered in the bottle. Every bottle of Puna water is a godsend from the Tuscan nature reserve, with balanced mineral content and natural weak base PH7.9, smooth and round, light and elegant, like a waltz on the tip of the tongue. This bottle of smooth and mellow water invites you to share the Tuscan sun, wind, forest and rain. As a result, Puna water has become the best choice for the pursuit of the ultimate smooth taste, and has also become the standard configuration of high-end restaurants around the world. This bottle of star-selected water for meals invites you to sublimate your taste buds and enjoy the delicious taste together with the food.

Nestle Maggi

The Maggi brand has been focusing on delicious food for more than 130 years. Since Mr. Julius Maggi founded the cooking brand “Maggi” in Switzerland in 1884, “Maggi” will “provide delicious and nutritious food for busy working families. of Kuaishou Food" as the founding concept.

"Maggi"'s retail products in China cover three categories: liquid condiments, solid condiments and brewed instant food. As a strategic single product of "Maggi" in China, "Maggi" umami juice has been inherited by chefs with its unique aroma and full flavor, and has become the preferred choice for star-rated hotel kitchens, and also has a large number of loyal consumers. "Maggi" mashed potatoes, as the only fast food product currently sold by "Maggi" in the domestic market, is popular among young people with the characteristics of convenience, deliciousness and real materials. In 1994, "Maggi" fresh chicken powder was born to meet the tastes of Chinese consumers. In 2019, "Maggi" salt-reduced umami juice was launched to the market to meet the trend of Chinese consumers who advocate light food and salt reduction. In 2022, "'''' Maggi's 'Vinegar Sauce' series was launched, satisfying consumers' pursuit of light food with zero fat.

The "Maggi" exhibiting this time will bring consumers "Fast Food 5 Minutes", "Global Cuisine", "Kaishou Cuisine", "Magic Asia", "Good Appetite Appetizer Soup", "'Maggi' Sauce" ” and other series, including Kuaishou dish seasoning packs, appetizing soup packs, instant pasta cups, mashed potatoes and other products. These products with exotic flavors are convenient, fast and diverse, allowing consumers to enjoy healthy and delicious food in just a few minutes in a busy and high-pressure life.

pet care

Nestlé has also prepared the world-renowned Purina pet food range for families with adorable pets.

First of all, it is the No. 1 product recommended by veterinarians in the United States. It adopts micro-encapsulation technology, and the live bacteria can directly reach the intestines. Probiotics, especially with Enterococcus faecium, protect pets' intestinal health, activate immune system function, maintain intestinal flora balance, relieve diarrhea, and improve gastrointestinal stress response. Crown Fu bacteria, patented bifidobacteria longum, relieve anxiety behavior, reduce the frequency of barking, help dogs not be afraid of strange things, maintain calm behavior, calmly face pressure, maintain a normal heart rate, and at the same time care for the pet's intestinal health.

There is also a series of adult cat food "Goneng Changfu LiveClear", which is a "black technology" product that Nestlé Purina has researched for several years, which can significantly reduce the main allergens in cat hair and dander in the third week of feeding. As the first cat food that can reduce cat allergens, the principle of "Goneng Changfu LiveClear" series adult cat food is to simply and safely neutralize the common allergen FELD1 in cat saliva, thereby reducing the chance of pet owners' allergies. At the same time, probiotics are added to the product to help improve your cat's digestive and immune system health. With chicken and salmon as the first ingredient, this product is high in protein and high quality to support muscle development.

The "Zhenzhi FANCY FEAST" brand is one of the many excellent cat food brands under Nestlé Purina. It was founded in the United States in 1980 and created a new concept of "one meal, one can" of cat food. Over the past 40 years, the brand has been adhering to the concept of caring for cats with heart, and has successively developed more than ten product series around the world, which are sold well in the United States, Japan, Canada, Europe and other places.

"Zhenzhi" staple food series, imported from the United States, in line with AAFCO nutritional standards, select high-quality chicken, deep-sea fish, cheddar cheese, etc. as raw materials, supplemented with taurine, vitamins and various mineral elements, combined with Nestle Purina GRILLED TECHNOLOGY with ingenious craftsmanship creates highly palatable staple-grade canned food for cats. The 7 series include 19 different flavors, bringing cats the ultimate star-rated cooking experience.

The "Merrick" brand was born more than 30 years ago in the Garth Merrick family kitchen in Hereford, Texas. Crafted and tested in Garth's pristine kitchen, 'Merrick' pet food uses premium ingredients to deliver industry-leading levels of protein, vitamins, minerals, healthy fats, and deliver visible health benefits to adorable pets. We strive to give back to the people and communities who are committed to making life better for pets and pet parents by providing high-quality, natural pet food that rejects preservatives, fillers or any artificial additives. "Merrick" pet food is working hard to help every pet live a healthy, happy life. In the bowl, it's not just food, it's love. So, it has to be the best.

The brand "Dentalife" is a pet tooth cleaning snack brand owned by Purina. "Tooth Life" canine tooth cleaning rod adopts super tough gear structure, which closely fits the gums and deeply cleans the hard-to-reach molar area. No synthetic flavoring agents, studies have shown that 28 days of continuous feeding can reduce dental calculus by an average of 57%, helping to relieve bad breath caused by pet calculus accumulation. "Tooth Life" cat toothbrush biscuits, with a unique hard sponge structure, can penetrate deep into the teeth to clean the teeth. Studies have shown that feeding the product for 28 days can help cats reduce tartar buildup, relieve bad breath caused by calculus, and prevent the formation of calculus.

Nestlé Health Science

Nestlé Health Science is committed to advancing nutritional support in the health and medical field, demonstrating Nestlé's excellence in this field with innovative products from around the world.

Nestlé Health Science escorts the healthy growth of Chinese children with food allergies. The amino acid formula "Enminshu", the deeply hydrolyzed milk protein formula "Peptideminshu" and "Aiershu" are suitable for infants aged 0-12 months with milk protein allergy Nutrition management: The allergy-free amino acid formula "Enminshu 1+" solves the nutritional management problem for children over 1 year old with various food protein allergies and malabsorption, and "Spoon Beile" helps babies who have just started to add complementary foods to transition to a diversified diet. This year, Nestlé Health Science introduced ultra-high-end formulas containing HMO ingredients through cross-border e-commerce, "Enminshu HMO, Peptideminshu HMO, Aiershu HMO", HMO (breast milk oligosaccharide) as the core active immune nutrition of source milk, It is beneficial to promote the immune maturation of infants and young children. While effectively relieving allergic symptoms and supporting the normal development of Minbao, it can also help build immunity and enhance Minbao's "self-protection". Bring natural maternal care to allergic babies, and open up a new pattern of "anti-allergy" formula market with core R&D strength.

"Xiaobai Taineng" is a peptide enteral nutrition formula designed for children aged 1-10 years, and "Xiaojiashan" provides a complete nutritional formula for children whose growth is not up to standard. "Weiduofu" provides safe and effective treatment options for children with rare diseases/congenital metabolic diseases. "Good Food Choice" contains 100% high-quality protein - whey protein: casein = 1:1, suitable for people over 10 years old who need nutritional supplements. "Jia Li Chang" is used for nutritional treatment of perioperative and critically ill patients, to regulate intestinal microecology and repair intestinal barrier.

Nestlé Health Science also has a formula food for special medical purposes "Suyisu" specially developed for cancer patients. As the first and so far the only complete nutritional formula for cancer for special medical purposes in China, "Suyisu" is based on the characteristics of systemic inflammation and low immunity in Chinese tumor patients. Macro immune nutrients - arginine, fish oil and nucleotides, can be used as a single source of nutrition for cancer patients to fully meet their nutritional needs.

Nestlé Health Science also owns Garden of Life (translation: Garden of Life), a high-end organic dietary supplement brand from the United States. Garden of Life has participated in the Import Expo for the fourth time. This year, it has continued to bring intestinal probiotics, New probiotics such as sleep probiotics meet the needs of different consumers. Osteo Bi-Flex is a joint health brand from the United States in the Nestlé Health Science family. As a joint care brand recommended by American pharmacists for 15 consecutive years, it helps consumers soothe joints while improving joint function and sports comfort. Its European and American professional nutrition brand Pure Encapsulations adheres to the concept of "pure, hypoallergenic", and its global product line covers ten health fields such as immune support, emotional management, and chronic disease metabolism. A number of new products have been launched one after another. There is also the American collagen brand Vital Proteins, which provides sufficient supplements and well-absorbed collagen peptide products for consumers to supplement daily; and the dietary fiber brand OptiFibre, which helps improve constipation and promote long-term intestinal health. Another brand, Gard, brings 2 new products to care for intestinal health, IBgard Peppermint Oil Capsules, targeted to relieve the symptoms of IBS; FDgard Herbal Stomach Capsules, which contains ground-breaking Artemisia Seed Oil and Menthol plant formula to quickly relieve functional digestion adverse symptoms.

"Nature's Bounty" (translated "Nature's Treasure") brand, as a new comprehensive dietary supplement brand in the Nestlé Health Science family, made its debut at the Import Expo. The brand is from Long Island, New York, USA and was established in 1971. Its products include coenzyme Q10, lutein, vitamins and other dietary supplements. Committed to providing consumers with natural, scientific and professional one-stop nutritional solutions.

About Nestlé

Nestlé was founded in 1866 and is headquartered in Vevey, Switzerland. It is a world-renowned food and beverage company dedicated to the goal of "fully discovering the power of food and improving the quality of life of every individual, both now and in the future". Our products are sold in 186 countries with over 2000 brands in areas such as baby nutrition, drinking water, coffee, confectionary chocolate, pet food, professional catering solutions, dairy products, health science, frozen food, condiments and more . The turnover in 2021 is CHF 87.1 billion and it employs 273,000 people worldwide.

Nestlé Greater China is one of Nestlé's five global regions and one of the fastest growing food and beverage markets in the world. Nestlé Greater China is headquartered in Beijing. Nestlé's business development history in China dates back to 1908, with the opening of its first sales office in Shanghai.

Nestlé currently operates 22 factories, 3 R&D centers (Beijing, Dongguan, Shenzhen) and 5 innovation centers (Shanghai, Qingdao, Taizhou, Tianjin and Harbin), dairy farming training center and grain competence center (Harbin), Nestlé Coffee Center (Pu'er), Food Safety Research Institute (Beijing), 4 Customer Communication Centers, and more than 26,000 employees.

Creating shared value is the fundamental way Nestlé does business. We believe a company can achieve long-term success only if it creates value for shareholders and society at the same time. Our activities and products should have a positive impact on society while contributing to Nestlé's continued success.

More than 90 percent of Nestlé's products sold in China are produced locally. At the same time, we also provide consumers with high-quality products through local brands such as Totole, Hsu Fu Chi and Haoji.

Nestlé places great emphasis on developing agricultural raw materials locally. The operation in China has also adopted this model, such as the construction of dairy districts in Harbin, Heilongjiang, Laixi, Shandong, and the coffee planting project centered on Pu'er, Yunnan, which have achieved great success and high recognition.

Nestlé is actively addressing sustainability challenges, committing to net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 and publishing a roadmap including an action plan and timetable. The sustainable development actions of Nestlé Greater China mainly focus on three areas: further reducing carbon footprint, accelerating the transformation of sustainable packaging, and promoting sustainable procurement.

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Source: Nestlé

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