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September 16, 2022


Climate Change

USAID allocates up to US$18.5M over five years to combat climate change by conserving forests in Papua New Guinea; New Guinea Rainforest is world's third largest and a major carbon sink, but PNG has lost 1.65 million hectares since 2000
Targeted News Service (09/15)

USDA names Winrock International to implement US$20M Growing Value for Producers Through Increased Access to Markets for Climate-Smart Commodities project; initiative will support US rice and beef producers in Arkansas, Missouri and tribal lands
American Carbon Registry (09/15)

Blue Diamond Growers awarded US$45M in USDA funds as part of federal investment to combat climate crisis and protect US lands and natural resources
PR Newswire (09/15)

Enviva welcomes European Parliament's continued recognition of primary woody biomass as a renewable energy source; it notes MEP's comment that wood-based biomass is needed for energy transition to meet EU's renewable energy and climate neutrality goals
Business Wire (09/15)

USDA includes reforestation, building forest products markets as part of US$2.8B investment in 70 projects through Partnerships for Climate-Smart Commodities program; project will balance wood products demand with need for forest carbon sequestration
U.S. Dept. of Agriculture (USDA) (09/15)

Carbon Sequestration

USDA's New England Climate-Smart Forest Partnership Project will include large producers and small woodlot owners in bid to store more carbon in forests; New England Forestry Foundation, Robbins Lumber, UMaine and Mass Tree Farm Program partner in project
Associated Press (09/15)

Dairy Farmers of America's project involving scaling methane emissions reductions and soil carbon sequestration selected for the first pool of USDA's Partnerships for Climate-Smart Commodities program
Dairy Processing (09/15)

Carbon Capture & Storage (CCS)

LanzaTech, a carbon capture and transformation company, announces participation in the Summit on Biotechnology & Biomanufacturing for the American Bioeconomy at The White House; CEO highlights company's progress in biotechnology and biomanufacturing
Globe Newswire (09/15)

Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions

BlackRock CEO praises EU labelling natural gas as green, says phasing out hydrocarbons in next 20 years likely to be impossible; natural gas would play key role in global drive to cut CO2 emissions, as it's less pollutive than other forms of hydrocarbons
Reuters (09/15)

 Recycling & Waste

Recycling Centers/Materials Recovery (MRF)

California's recycling programs are hindered by decline in number of facilities, collection points; number of recycling centers has fallen to 1,262 from 2,441 in 2012, and state deposit program's recycling rate dropped to 68% after peaking at 85% in 2013
North Bay Business Journal (09/15)

 Logistics & Supply Chain

Logistics, Shipping & Delivery

US railroads and unions secure tentative deal after 20 hours of talks led by Biden administration to avert rail shutdown; even if deal fails in union vote, rail shutdowns have been averted for several weeks due to the standard language included in deal
International Business Times (09/15)

 Food & Beverage

Packaged Foods

UK government postpones plans to enforce new labeling rules on EU imports by more than a year, amid concerns that rules would 'impose new administrative requirements on businesses which may pass on the associated costs to consumers'
just-food.com (09/15)

UK government reviewing measures in its anti-obesity strategy, which includes a ban on sugary snacks promoted at checkouts and in 'buy one, get one free' deals, as it looks to help families with the cost of living
Daily Mail (09/15)

 Health & Safety

Health Care, Pharmaceuticals & Wellness

Merck Sharp & Dohme requests FDA withdraw approval of applications for Vioxx rofecoxib tablets, Vioxx rofecoxib suspension, waves opportunity for a hearing
Targeted News Service (09/15)

FDA urges ‘judicious’ use of Siga’s tecovirimat Tpoxx monkeypox treatment, stating monkeypox virus is only one mutation away from making Tpoxx ineffective; US recently launched Phase 3 study to evaluate effectiveness of Tpoxx
FiercePharma (09/15)

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Agribusiness & Raw Foods

American Farmland Trust and partner organizations being awarded a US$30M grant from USDA Partnerships for Climate-Smart Commodities to spearhead an effort to transition the US beef supply chain to carbon neutral
American Farmland Trust (09/15)

Land O'Lakes and American Farmland Trust announce project that will deploy funding from USDA and matching funds from grant partners to scale production and demand for climate-smart corn, soybean, wheat, cotton and milk production 
PR Newswire (09/15)

Automotive & Driving

Biden tours Detroit Auto Show, highlighting electric vehicle push
AFP World News (09/15)

Tesla pauses plans for slated battery factory in Germany as it studies tax breaks for US manufacturing resulting from new Inflation Reduction Act; domestic battery manufacturing could make Tesla eligible for new tax credits
AFP World News (09/15)

Strong dollar affecting price of Canadian vehicle exports to US; value of Canadian vehicle exports to US declined from US$29.7B in 2020 to US$26.5B in 2021 as value of US dollar rises from C$1.23 in October 2021 to C$1.29 on August 20, 2022
Ward's Auto World (09/15)

Building Products & Wood

Funding of US$2.5M from US Forest Service Wood Innovations Grant and Community Wood Grant programs will help four Maine businesses invest in high-demand forest products including CLT, new pine resources, wood biomass fuels
Congressional Documents & Publications (09/15)


Louisiana judge tosses quality permits for Formosa Plastics' US$9.4B complex in the state; company's local arm aims to build 10 chemical plants, four other major facilities on 2,500 acres in St. James Parish
Associated Press (09/15)

Commentary: EPA's proposal to remove 12 chemicals identified as PFAS from list of inert ingredients for pesticides will do little to prevent PFAS contamination from spreading across agricultural land; EPA should prohibit all PFAS in any pesticide products
Targeted News Service (09/15)


Manitoba's Misipawistik Cree Nation hopeful current political climate will pave way for Indigenous-led protected area; designation would allow First Nations to maintain harvesting rights, manage area without government interference
Winnipeg Free Press (09/15)

OSU College of Forestry, Pacific Northwest tribes partner on US$5M, three-year forest restoration project being funded by US Dept. of the Interior; project will include collecting seeds of culturally and ecologically significant plants on BLM land
Oregon State University (09/15)

British Columbia has failed to deliver action plan reflecting progress on old-growth strategic review recommendations; also, C$185M commitment is inadequate to allow forestry-dependent communities a real choice to defer old-growth logging: green groups
Abbotsford News (09/15)

Packaging & Containers

China calls for further efforts to prevent over-packaging of goods, says a whole-chain administration system on over-packaging will be established by 2025, with improvements to be made in laws and regulations, standard systems, industrial management
TendersInfo - News (09/15)

Paper, Pulp & Cellulose

IP settles IRS tax dispute, will pay about US$260M in federal income taxes, plus interest of US$50M, for US$310M total; details of dispute not clear, but IP said in SEC filing that payment had to do with '2015 timber monetization restructuring tax matter'
Memphis Commercial Appeal (09/15)

Tobacco, Cannabis & Derivatives

Navada's classification of cannabis as Schedule 1 drug has been ruled unconstitutional by district judge; state's medical marijuana policy acknowledges valid medicinal use, ruling out status as a Schedule 1 substance
Las Vegas Review-Journal (09/15)

Macro Economics

Corporate Economics

Bridgewater founder Ray Dalio expects stocks to fall 20% if Fed raises interest rates to 4.5% to tame inflation; higher rates on economy will bring private sector credit growth down, which will bring private sector spending and economy down with it
Reuters (09/15)

 In the News
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Commentary: US Senate must revive Journalism Competition and Preservation Act after it was pulled from consideration after amendment; if bill can be reintroduced, it would be a lifeline for hundreds of newspapers, allow local news to get back on its feet
The Dominion Post (09/15)