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Philippines-based Bee offers eco-friendly takeout packaging alternatives to local businesses, including bagasse cups and containers, cassava bags; sustainability partner Econest has replaced 5,550,000 plastic items with sustainable packaging

BMI report warns food prices could rise again if El Nino hits sugar and palm oil crops, with palm oil in particular depending heavily on Indonesia and Malaysia; both crops are also facing demands from the fuel industry as it seeks green alternatives

Rising demand for natural, clean and biodegradable products may add new market for Louisiana's sugar cane industry; trends opens potential in skin care, given that glycolic acid--a common skin-care product ingredient--is primarily derived from sugar cane

CEO of South Africa-based Fortis X, producer of plant-based bottles made from sugar cane, says distribution is receiving support from the packaging industry both locally and internationally, with sales having hit over 10 million bottles in past two years

Argentina-based Ledesma looking to diversify its sugarcane-related business into bioplastic; company is partnering with Bioceres to create a startup to generate a powder with sugarcane waste that is sold to companies to produce biodegradable containers

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