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Philippines government removes temporary import ban it implemented on poultry products from Denmark, Spain and Czech Republic over bird flu concerns

Starbucks announces return of its 'Todos Sembranos Cafe' program in Mexico; the program aims to contain the threat of the rust fungus through the donation of rust-resistant coffee plants for each bag of whole bean coffee sold

Saudi Arabia lifts 21-year ban on Tanzania meat imports and related products that was imposed following an outbreak of foot and mouth disease

Dartmouth study finds Sirex noctilio or Sirex woodwasp--which eats wood and has already caused major damage to forests across Southern Hemisphere--could spread throughout North America, although nature's defenses are currently keeping insect under control

Officials in Russia's Vladimir region, which in 2021 exported forest products to 31 countries, aim to counter illegal activities; they include export of forest products without quarantine certificates, threatening phytosanitary security of Russian regions

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