Russian confectionary manufacturers have been forced to raise prices for its products by an average of 10%-15% amid rising cost of raw materials, according to report

DUBLIN , March 21, 2012 (press release) – Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of the "The Russian Sugar Confectionary market 2012" report to their offering.

This is a descriptive marketing report aimed at identifying the current situation in the market, identifying the total market demand and market potential; determine the capacity of the market, consumption trends, brand preferences, channel dynamics and future trends.

This report includes detailed information on market size and segments, analysis of the key market players and competitive landscape, and trends of the confectionery market. Moreover the last part of the report contains information on how to build business in Russia, what niches are attractive for new manufactures and wholesalers, and how especially how to entry in the confectionery market by foreign companies.

Key Questions Answered By This Report

- What is the key difference the Russian sugar confectionery market from the confectionery markets in other countries?

- What kind of sugar confectionery products are the most popular in Russia?

- Which sugar confectionery segments are the most or least competitive, what niches are attractive to enter the market?

- Which distribution channels are better to use when entering the Russian market?

- How to build relationships with distributors, wholesalers and retailers in Russia?

- Which methods of promotion are better to use and what methods should be used to encourage sales?

- Which products will be in demand in the coming years?


- The share of Russia's confectionary market is about 10% of the world ones.

- The distinctive feature of the Russian market is the concentration of distribution companies in 2-3 major cities of Russia.

- Cost of raw materials has risen sharply, so the manufacturers have been forced to raise selling prices for its products by an average of 10-15%.

- Competition in the segment of sugar biscuits is intensified by the wide price range for these products.

- On the background of a stable increase in production volume (7-10% per year) and high inflation observed since the beginning of 2011, we can predict the market growth in 2011-2012 an average of 20% in value terms.

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