Malt-O-Meal changing corporate name to MOM Brands to reflect more expansive product lineup

NEW YORK , February 21, 2012 () – Malt-O-Meal said Tuesday that it's changing its corporate name to MOM Brands to reflect a more expansive product lineup.

The 93-year-old cereal company sells numerous cold cereals and instant oatmeal. The names of the individual cereals, including its original farina hot cereal, will remain the same.

The company, based in Minneapolis, said its Malt-O-Meal cold cereals now account for 72 percent of sales. Those cereals come in 23 different flavors that offer cheaper alternatives to popular brands such as Apple Jacks and Lucky Charms. MOM Brands also sells Three Sisters cereal and Better Oats instant oatmeal.

Linda Fisher, marketing manager for the company, said it didn't make sense for the company to go by a name that was tied to just one of its brands. She said "MOM" was how the company referred to itself internally for years.

"It felt like a very natural and organic transition that was more relevant," she said.

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