Study showing wind turbines pose no serious health risks receives sharp criticism at Massachusetts state hearing; opponents say affected residents should be interviewed as part of data

BOSTON , February 14, 2012 () – A recent Massachusetts study that found no serious health risks associated with living near wind turbines has received both sharp criticism and strong praise at a Statehouse hearing.

The report from a panel of state-appointed experts found no evidence that noise or low-frequency vibrations could trigger what's been called "wind turbine syndrome," a set of health issues including headaches, dizziness and ringing in the ears.

Neal Anderson said Tuesday he experienced those symptoms after a wind turbine began operating near his Falmouth home. He and others who live near existing or proposed wind turbines criticized the panel for relying on scientific data without interviewing residents who claim to be affected.

But wind energy advocates told state officials the panel's findings were a strong endorsement of wind as a safe, clean alternative to fossil fuels.

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