Swiss prosecutors indict Italian citizen with money laundering, forging documents over collapse of Italian dairy giant Parmalat

BERN, Switzerland , October 20, 2011 () – Swiss prosecutors have indicted an Italian citizen with money laundering and forging documents over the collapse of Italian dairy giant Parmalat.

The Federal Prosecutors Office in Bern says the unidentified employee of a tourism company linked to Parmalat used secret bank accounts, a trust fund in Liechtenstein and couriers to funnel money out of Switzerland.

Spokeswoman Jeannette Balmer declined to say Thursday how much money was involved.

She told The Associated Press that the accused man isn't currently in custody.

Parmalat collapsed in 2003 with debts of euro14 billion ($19.5 billion).

Some 10 million Swiss francs ($11.1 million) linked to Parmalat are currently frozen in Swiss bank accounts.

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