Ryland winding down its homebuilding operations in Jacksonville, Dallas, will complete all homes currently under contract

CALABASAS, California , August 26, 2011 (press release) – Ryland announced today that it is winding down its homebuilding operations in its Jacksonville and Dallas divisions. The national homebuilder intends to complete all the homes currently under contract with customers and market its remaining available land in these divisions as part of a strategic plan to efficiently manage its invested capital.

The company will service all outstanding warranties on the homes it constructs in Dallas and Jacksonville, and customers can still call and e-mail their Ryland customer service contacts. They can also request service by visiting the “Warranty” page on the company’s Web site, www.ryland.com.

Headquartered in Southern California, Ryland is one of the nation’s largest homebuilders and a leading mortgage-finance company. Since its founding in 1967, Ryland has built more than 294,000 homes and financed more than 248,000 mortgages. The Company currently operates in 13 states across the country and is listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol “RYL.” For more information, please visit www.ryland.com.

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