Chicago-based Midwest Wind Energy cancels plans for two wind projects in Wisconsin, including 98-MW wind farm in Calumet County, says state regulatory climate too unstable; Invenergy shelved project for same reason

MADISON, Wisconsin , April 4, 2011 () – A Chicago-based wind energy company has suspended development plans in Wisconsin.

Midwest Wind Energy's president, Stefan Noe, says the company was working on a 98-megawatt farm in Calumet County and another project it hadn't announced publicly. But he says Wisconsin's regulatory climate has grown too unstable.

Republican legislators say Wisconsin's current wind rules allow turbines too close to neighbors' property, driving down land values and increasing the risk of injury. The Legislature's rules committee introduced a bill on Tuesday directing state regulators to draft new standards.

The rules committee's two GOP co-chairs didn't immediately return messages seeking comment on the company's move.

Another wind developer, Invenergy, told regulators earlier this month it had shelved plans for a Brown County wind farm because the regulatory climate is too uncertain.

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