PepsiCo, Strauss JV Sabra inaugurates new US$70M plant in Chesterfield County, Virginia, as it targets growing American appetite for hummus; site expected to employ about 300 people

COLONIAL HEIGHTS, Virginia , May 26, 2010 () – Snack dip company Sabra has cut the ribbon on its new Virginia manufacturing plant as it goes after a growing American appetite for hummus.

New York-based Sabra Dipping Co. makes a range of refrigerated dips and spreads that are all certified kosher and vegetarian. It was formed as a U.S. and Canadian joint venture between Strauss Group and PepsiCo.

The new $70 million Chesterfield County plant took about 14 months to build and is expected to employ about 300.

During the past decade, hummus has moved beyond the ethnic food niche and solidly into the American mainstream, filling supermarket refrigerator cases and showing up on restaurant menus nationwide.

Sabra says it represents more than 40 percent of the market that is valued at about $312 million.

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