PakSense launches wireless temperature monitoring label in European markets that enables quick assessment of product quality without costly infrastructure investments

BERLIN , February 3, 2010 (press release) – PakSense, Inc., the provider of a new class of temperature recorder, announced today at the Fruit Logistica annual convention the availability of the PakSense Ultra Wireless Label in the European markets. The PakSense Ultra Wireless Label enables users to wirelessly download time and temperature information and analyze data before unloading a perishable product from a container. PakSense is currently taking pre-orders for labels, with projected delivery in March.

PakSense Ultra Wireless Labels are activated and applied to product or product packaging prior to shipping. At any point during distribution, the PakSense Ultra Wireless Reader can collect data from any label within a 100 meter/300 foot line of sight range or approximately 20 meter/60 foot obstructed range with the simple touch of a button. Information from up to 30 labels can be downloaded at one time. Time and temperature data can be examined on the screen of the Ultra Wireless Reader immediately after download, which improves reaction times and helps users make quick decisions on product quality. Detailed information from the reader, including temperature summary information and alert notifications, can then be downloaded to a PC for emailing and permanent storage.

“Our line of wireless labels has been in use and tested by suppliers and retailers throughout the United States for more than a year,” said David Light, CEO at PakSense. “We are very pleased to offer the unique benefits of this product to our European customers.”

PakSense Ultra Wireless Labels are flat, about the size of a credit card, and are encased in packaging that is safe for food contact. Environmentally friendly, they take up less space and have a lower carbon foot print than competing products. The labels can also be used to easily monitor cold cases in retail stores.

“There are no repeaters, gateways or other costly infrastructure investments required to use PakSense Ultra Wireless Labels,” continues Mr. Light. “We believe this simple approach will resonate with our customers worldwide.”

For a demonstration, visit PakSense in the US Pavilion, Hall 23/B-01 at the Fruit Logistica convention in Berlin. Additional information as well as a full listing of PakSense worldwide distributors is available on the company web site at or by calling +1-208-489-9010.

About PakSense

Founded in Boise, Idaho in 2004, PakSense is a market leader in the development of intelligent sensing products specifically designed to monitor perishable goods. PakSense products help manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, and retailers determine the quality and safety of food, pharmaceutical, medical and other environmentally sensitive products. Additional information is available on the web at

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