Wisconsin’s Forest Industry Highlighted in Proposed Biennial Budget


Governor Tony Evers has announced several proposed budget items related to Wisconsin’s forest industry. View the full announcement here.


The budget initiatives include several measures related to workforce development, forest regeneration and management, invasive species management, support for Wisconsin’s county forests, and forestland conservation.


Tom Hittle, Steigerwaldt Sr. VP Land and Resource Management, stated that, “These are all critical measures needed to support, develop and diversify our forest industry, sustainably manage our State’s 17 million acres of forestland, and ultimately support prosperous rural communities.” Mr. Hittle, who also chairs the WI Council on Forestry, noted the inclusion of funding for a Council initiative: the development of a forest industry strategic plan and roadmap. According to Mr. Hittle, “This will be a foundational source of information and a compass for policymakers, industry investors, entrepreneurs, regional economic planning groups, and any who seek to invest in supporting and growing Wisconsin’s forest industry. The roadmap will represent a statewide vision for an environmentally sustainable, economically robust and diverse, forward-looking industry.”


If you have questions or are interested in finding more out about these budget items or how to support these through the budget process, please reach out to Tom at tom.hittle@steigerwaldt.com.