Nestle features more than 100 current and new products from multiple international markets from six major business units during its third appearance at the China International Consumer Goods Expo

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HAIKOU, China , April 11, 2023 (press release) –

Nestlé made its third appearance at the China International Consumer Goods Expo with more than 100 classic and new products from multiple international markets from six major business units. The construction of the Hainan Free Trade Port is an important symbol of China's higher level of opening up to the outside world.

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* Nestlé made its third appearance at the China International Consumer Goods Expo with more than 100 classic and new products from multiple international markets from six major business units.

Original Press Release:

Haikou , April 10 -- Nestlé issued the following news release:

Nestlé made its third appearance at the China International Consumer Goods Expo with more than 100 classic and new products from multiple international markets from six major business units. Nestlé has always been aiming to "fully explore the power of food and improve the quality of life of each individual, both now and in the future", and strives to become an industry leader. With the help of the stage of China International Consumer Goods Expo, Nestlé will bring more delicious, healthy and innovative products and services to Chinese consumers.

The construction of the Hainan Free Trade Port is an important symbol of China's higher level of opening up to the outside world. As the first major international exhibition this year and one of the important activities of the Ministry of Commerce's "2023 Consumption Boost Year", China International Consumer Goods Expo has become a showcase of global consumer products and trading platform. Zhang Xiqiang , Chairman and CEO of Nestlé Greater China , said: "Nestlé is honored to be invited to participate in the third China International Consumer Goods Fair. 2023 is the 36th year that Nestlé has entered the Chinese market. As one of the representatives of highly localized multinational companies, Nestlé is willing to actively explore and fully grasp the opportunities brought by China's high-level opening-up policy, inject new impetus into the business growth of the Chinese market, and present more abundant and diversified products to Chinese consumers By."

In recent years, Nestlé has focused on high-end, large-scale and health-oriented fields, and has continuously strived to innovate and optimize its product portfolio to better meet the needs of Chinese consumers for "high-quality food". At this expo, many Nestlé brands brought their highly anticipated products and solutions to the public, including Nestle’s iconic candy brand KitKat and high-end chocolate brand NESTLÉ SWISS, Nestlé’s first carbon-neutral product in the Chinese market—— Zhuo Chun Neng En 3 organic milk powder and the new product Bo Chu Neng En milk powder, the Wyeth Enlightenment series, which has been honored as the "Irish Quality Model" and " Irish Treasure " by the Irish government, and the CONNECT smart nutrition that has been proven effective for five years by the Swiss Brain Cognition Laboratory The combination of Wyeth S-26 Platinum, the Yiyang Tangru nutritional milk powder that has been clinically studied to calm the rise in blood sugar levels after meals, and the new Aispei student milk powder with ten heavy nutritional powers to help children aged 6-15 grow up in an all-round way, allow consumers Starbucks Home Coffee, where you can enjoy a cup of classic "star" flavored coffee without leaving home, and multiple dietary supplement brands in the Nestle Health Science family, including the high-end organic Garden of life and Nature's, a comprehensive brand targeting the health of the whole family Bounty et al.

Nestlé Travel Retail also made another appearance at the expo. Based on more than 20 years of development experience in airports, airlines, cruise ships, ferries and other channels, Nestlé Travel Retail provides consumers with unique product tastes and designs in travel retail and duty-free channels, satisfying international travelers for their own use, gifts and The need to share. At this exhibition, Nestlé Travel Retail also brought classic candy brands and brand-new coffee products that are popular among international tourists.

At the same time, sustainable development is still a highlight of Nestlé's participation in this exhibition. In the "2022 Annual Report" and "Creating Shared Value and Sustainable Development Report" released by Nestle in March this year, it was pointed out that in the challenging year of 2022, Nestle's performance will be strong, and while its business continues to grow, it will further reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The amount has fallen below the 2018 baseline and is well below peak carbon levels. Nestlé's sustainable development actions in China will focus on the following three areas: realizing the group's sustainable development commitment, accelerating the brand's sustainable development journey, promoting win-win cooperation with stakeholders, creating a better life with high-quality food, and practicing sustainable development high-quality development.

About exhibits

Nestle Travel Retail

For more than two decades, Nestlé Travel Retail has brought its globally popular confectionery brands to international travelers through its investments in airports, airlines, cruise lines and ferries. The iconic brand, led by KITKAT ® , offers consumers exclusive product flavors and designs in travel retail and duty-free channels. Delicious NESTLÉ SWISS ® brand authentic chocolate is a high-end brand created exclusively for travel retail and duty-free channels. Nestlé's travel retail product portfolio is dedicated to meeting the various needs of travel shoppers for self-enjoyment, gifting to relatives and friends, or sharing with others.

The latest addition to the NITR product family at the expo: the new KITKAT ® Senses chocolate strips in four flavors of caramel, cookie, almond and hazelnut, and a taste infusion between the classic KITKAT ® crispy wafers Rich and rich filling, covered with silky milk chocolate coating; these new additions enrich the KITKAT ® Senses product line.

The NESTLÉ SWISS ® brand has been a successful example in the travel retail and duty free industry, offering 100% Swiss chocolate and a true high-end brand experience. NESTLÉ SWISS ® 's latest offerings include 170g of pralines in five flavors: Dark Chocolate with Candied Orange Peel and Cocoa Nibs, Milk Chocolate with Cranberries, Hazelnuts and Almonds, Milk Chocolate with Raisins, Almonds and Hazelnuts, Dark Chocolate with Blueberries and the newest addition, Hazelnuts milk chocolate.

NITR also brought new coffee products to this exhibition, including the Roastory series, a high-end product line of Nescafé Gold produced in the UK , and the classic Azera coffee produced in the UK .

baby nutrition

Founded in 1927, Gerber, a subsidiary of Nestlé, is committed to providing nutritious and healthy food for infants and young children (6-36 months of age) in the early stages of growth. Globally, "promoting the healthy growth and development of infants and young children, and helping them form good eating habits as early as possible" is Gerber's unswerving mission.

Zhuochun Nengen 3, a high-end organic milk powder of Nestlé Nengen series, is the first carbon-neutral product launched by Nestlé in the Chinese market. The process of high-end children's products has further promoted Nestlé's goal of achieving net zero carbon emissions. Zhuo Chun Neng En 3 protects the pasture ecology from the source, strictly follows the organic standard throughout the production process, complies with the natural production method, insists on not using chemical agents, and the pasture is naturally fallow without fertilization, allowing the soil to restore its initial fertility. Grass matures naturally without urging it to grow, and slowly absorbs enough natural nutrients. Natural grazing of cows without lactation, natural lactation and happy milk production - all of this is just to harvest the original nutrition of nature and create trustworthy milk powder quality without affecting the environment. Adhering to the concept of sustainable development and advocating the laws of nature, Zhuo Chun Neng En 3 organic milk powder reduces manual intervention in all production processes, uses renewable and clean energy, uses plant-based materials for packaging lids and spoons, and conducts carbon footprint calculations for the entire link. Strict standards protect the natural ecology. Zhuo Chun Neng En 3 organic milk powder also actively participated in large-scale afforestation projects in Guizhou , offsetting carbon footprints by naturally absorbing carbon dioxide, and truly making unremitting efforts to achieve the goal of net zero carbon emissions.

Chaoqi Nengen 3, helps to defend small sensitive. Partial hydrolysis process creates HA hypoallergenic protein; active probiotic Bb-12 helps baby's defense system; contains essential nutrients for growth to help baby grow vigorously. Bochuenen, milk powder added with A2 PRO protein combination, active probiotics Bb-12 and OPO, helps babies feel comfortable and easy to transfer to milk; Choose to help your baby's tummy feel comfortable and suitable for breastfeeding.

Wyeth Nutrition

Wyeth Nutrition , a subsidiary of Nestlé, provides Chinese families with scientifically innovative and high-quality maternal and infant nutrition.

As a leading brand of ultra-high-end maternal and infant nutrition products, Wyeth Qifu has been promoting breast milk, researching breast milk, and learning breast milk since its birth. It restores nature through human-friendly technology, in terms of nutrient ratio, molecular level, and further active function level. Simulated breast milk provides a series of products with excellent technology and quality, including Qifu 3 Yunchun, Qifu 3 Blue Diamond, Qifu 3 Organic and global Superb 6HMO formula milk powder Qifu 3 will give babies the protection power close to breast milk. At the same time, it will continue to set new standards in the market through the precise hydrolysis technology that is friendly to the human body and Qifu 3 Minshi, which accurately cuts off allergens. A key area has become an industry benchmark. Wyeth Enlightenment always adheres to the concept of progressive development of parenting, helping babies to develop their innate talent and potential.

Wyeth S-26 adheres to the century-old Wyeth's rigorous and innovative pharmaceutical spirit. Since its birth in 1961, it has always been committed to the research on early nutrition and brain development of infants, and has long cooperated with the Swiss Brain Cognition Laboratory . This formula upgrade is based on the important results of the world's first infant brain neuroimaging CONNECT brain connection clinical research. The breakthrough launch of the CONNECT smart nutrition combination led by cephalin group is the world's first clinical evidence that can effectively accelerate the infant brain connection. Nutritional combination: brain neural network density +36%, brain connection speed increased by 2.5 times, effectively stimulating the baby's three brain powers of reaction, concentration, and thinking, and laying the foundation for the baby's advanced cognitive function development.

Wyeth Materna's high-end maternity nutrition products can cover the nutritional needs of different stages of the whole pregnancy and care for mothers and babies. Wyeth Matna Algae Oil DHA is extracted from high-purity deep-sea seaweed, each capsule contains 200mg of DHA, and uses carrageenan rubber derived from pure natural plants as the rubber shell. While staying away from environmental pollution from the inside to the outside, it supplements the nutrition for the baby's retina and brain development, reducing the risk of adverse pregnancy. Materna algae oil DHA has been certified by the US FDA , adhering to the concept of high quality, comfort and safety, and escorting the health of pregnant mothers and babies every step of the way.

Nestle milk

Nestle milk originated in 1867. Over the years, Nestle milk has established and implemented a comprehensive quality and safety management system. The high-quality milk source in the golden milk source belt at 45° north latitude comes from Nestle’s own unique ice and snow oasis pasture, which is the world’s leading Advanced production and processing technology, continuous improvement of research and development technology and safety standards, has become a hall-level brand for more than 150 years, and is trusted by consumers in more than 180 countries. At the same time, the whole link reduces carbon emissions and protects the non-renewability of the ice and snow oasis pasture.

Nestlé Milk believes that health can be a smooth journey full of happiness, because we are always with us. From children to middle-aged and elderly people, Nestlé provides customized solutions for consumers in different life stages, specializing in the nutrition of the whole life cycle: Nestlé Yiyang Tanglu series formula milk powder, which is Nestlé’s patented innovative technology, contains mulberry leaf extract It is effective to take with meals to stabilize postprandial blood sugar; Nestle’s Yi Yang Yi Nu series, high in calcium and added high-power probiotics imported from Switzerland , for the maintenance and digestion of mature people; Nestle’s Esper series Swiss special research Fortigrow formula, with 2 Double DHA and 2 times ARA to help students grow.

Starbucks Home Enjoy Coffee

Starbucks Home Enjoy Coffee allows Chinese consumers to enjoy a cup of their favorite Starbucks coffee without leaving home, experience the fun of making it by themselves, and start sharing moments with family and friends at any time. In 2019, the Global Coffee Alliance announced the cooperation on Starbucks Home Enjoy Coffee, and it has grown rapidly since then. In 2022, Starbucks ' home coffee products will continue to maintain strong growth. The Global Coffee Alliance has performed particularly well in China . Since its launch, Starbucks Home Enjoy Coffee has continuously enriched and improved its product line, leading growth in multiple categories.

At this expo, Starbucks Home Enjoy Coffee brought 45 products from China , the United Kingdom , Switzerland , Portugal , France , Japan and other countries, including Starbucks boutique instant coffee, instant fancy coffee and portable drip coffee. Filter coffee (hanging ear coffee); smart and relaxing Starbucks capsule coffee products (adapted to Nespresso espresso coffee machines and Nescafé Dolce Queux coffee machines); there are also roasted coffee beans and ground coffee products enjoyed by masters, Two of them are brand new products that will be launched in the first quarter of 2023.

Also unveiled at the same time are three products from the Starbucks summer limited series that have just been launched to meet the needs of Chinese consumers for iced coffee. Starbucks Blossom Breeze ground coffee product is blended from Arabica coffee beans from Guatemala and Costa Rica . It tastes fresh and refreshing, with a sweet citrus aroma; it only takes 1 minute to brew with ice cubes. Consumers can enjoy the same freshly brewed iced coffee from Starbucks coffee shops at home.

Also exhibited this time is the Starbucks Starbucks Super Premium Instant Coffee, which is specially designed for Chinese consumers. As a strategic product of the Nestle-Starbucks Global Coffee Alliance , the Starbucks Sui Xing Cup ultra-premium instant coffee can be dissolved super fast, and can be freely mixed with water, milk or other drinks, allowing consumers to enjoy personalized deliciousness anytime, anywhere. In terms of taste, the Starbucks Cup continues the consistent high standard of Starbucks Home Enjoy Coffee, selects high-quality Arabica coffee beans, and restores the quality of Starbucks coffee shops based on the professional roasting technology of Nestle and Starbucks .

In the future, Starbucks Home Enjoy Coffee also plans to continue to introduce more innovative coffee products, such as fancy coffee blends, coffee concentrates, etc., so that Chinese consumers can truly "enjoy the stars at home". All Starbucks Home Enjoy series products use 100% ethically sourced coffee to support the sustainable development of the economic, social and ecological environments of coffee producing areas and communities. In the manufacturing process of packaging materials, Starbucks Home Coffee uses more and more recycled paper, recycled aluminum and other recyclable materials.

Nestlé Health Science

Nestlé Health Science focuses on creating high-quality scientific nutrition solutions, and firmly believes that nutrition achieves extraordinary health. This time, it brings a wealth of consumer health care products to the expo, covering various dietary supplements such as probiotics, collagen, vitamins and minerals. Consumers are offered better quality nutritional supplements and a purer lifestyle.

Garden of Life , a high-end organic dietary supplement brand from the United States , continues to bring new probiotic products such as a series of three-in-one probiotics and compound probiotic solid drinks to the Chinese market to meet the needs of different consumers. The Nature's Bounty brand, also from the United States , is a comprehensive dietary supplement brand in the Nestlé Health Science family, including coenzyme Q10, lutein, vitamins, hair and skin gummies and other dietary supplements, and is committed to providing consumers with satisfaction. Natural, scientific and professional one-stop nutritional solutions for the health needs of the whole family. Osteo Bi-Flex Guanjiejian® , as a joint health brand recommended by pharmacists in the authoritative American weekly magazine " The US News " for 16 consecutive years, helps consumers relieve joints, improve joint function, and enhance sports ability; the best-selling product Guan Jiejian Jiejian Glucosamine Small Violet Bottle contains 1500mg Glucosamine 2 tablets, and the patented ingredient 5·LOXIN ADVANCED ® Boswellia serrata extract, which can significantly improve the comfort of joints within 7 days. Pure Encapsulations, a European and American professional nutrition brand, adheres to the concept of "pure and hypoallergenic". The global product line covers ten health fields such as immune support, emotional management, and chronic disease metabolism. A variety of new products have been launched one after another. Vital Proteins, a collagen brand from the United States , provides adequate supplementation and well-absorbed collagen peptide products, which are convenient for consumers to supplement daily; and OptiFibre, a dietary fiber brand that helps improve constipation and promote long-term intestinal health. Another brand, Gard , brings 2 products that care for intestinal health: IBgard Peppermint Oil Capsules, targeted to relieve IBS symptoms; FDgard Herbal Stomach Capsules, containing breakthrough artemisia oil and menthol plant formula, quickly relieve functional digestion bad symptoms. Also participating in this exhibition is a new member of Nestlé Health Sciences, Orgain from the United States . The brand focuses on organic plant protein and adheres to "clean, natural, plant-based, organic ingredients". It debuted at the expo and brought organic plant protein powder to consumers. , grass-fed collagen peptides, organic superfood powder and other high-quality nutritional products.

This is also the second cooperation between Nestlé Health Science and JD Health at China International Consumer Goods Expo. Based on national health, they will jointly provide consumers with better nutritional supplements and a purer lifestyle.

About Nestle

Founded in 1866 and headquartered in Vevey, Switzerland , Nestlé is a world-renowned food and beverage company committed to the goal of "fully exploring the power of food and improving the quality of life of every individual, both now and in the future". Our products are sold in 188 countries, with more than 2000 brands, involving infant nutrition, drinking water, coffee, confectionary chocolate, pet food, professional catering solutions, dairy products, health science, frozen food, condiments and other fields . With a turnover of CHF 94.4 billion in 2022, it has 275,000 employees worldwide.

Nestlé Greater China is one of Nestlé's five global regions and one of the fastest growing food and beverage markets in the world. Nestlé Greater China is headquartered in Beijing . Nestle's business development history in China can be traced back to 1908, when it opened its first sales office in China in Shanghai .

At present, Nestle operates 22 factories, 3 R&D centers ( Beijing , Dongguan , Shenzhen ) and 5 innovation centers ( Shanghai , Qingdao , Taizhou, Tianjin and Harbin ), dairy farming training center and grain capacity center ( Harbin ), Nestle Coffee Center (Pu'er), Food Safety Research Institute ( Beijing ), 4 customer communication centers, and more than 23,000 employees. Since 2020, Nestle's total investment in China has exceeded 1.4 billion yuan .

Creating shared value is the fundamental way Nestlé conducts business. We believe that companies can achieve long-term success only if they simultaneously create value for shareholders and society. Our activities and products should have a positive impact on society while contributing to the continued success of Nestlé.

More than 90% of the products Nestle sells in China are produced locally. At the same time, we also provide consumers with high-quality products through local brands such as Totole, Hsu Fu Chi , and Hao Ji .

Nestlé attaches great importance to the local development of agricultural raw materials. The operation in China has also adopted this model, such as the construction of dairy farms in Harbin , Heilongjiang , and Laixi, Shandong , and the coffee planting project centered on Pu'er, Yunnan , all of which have achieved great success and high recognition.

Nestlé is actively responding to the challenge of sustainable development, committing to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050, and released a roadmap including action plans and timetables. Nestlé Greater China's sustainable development actions mainly focus on three major areas: realizing the group's sustainable development commitment, accelerating the brand's sustainable development journey, and promoting win-win cooperation with stakeholders.

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