Reprobir Dijital chooses Truepress Jet520NX to meet growing demand for schoolbooks in Turkey

October 5, 2022

Turkish frontrunner sees strong growth in digital printing

With the installation of a SCREEN Truepress Jet520NX, Reprobir Dijital – a leader in the production of educational and coffee-table books in Turkey – plans to increase its turnover fivefold in coming years.

The prepress and digital-printing powerhouse was founded in 2011 as a pre-press service provider. “But as demand for conventional printing began to shrink, and large printing houses started to do more and more computer-to-plate work in-house, we bought our first digital printer in 2018 to open up new business lines,” explains Reprobir co-founder Onur Kemeç.

Since then, Reprobir has cemented its position at the forefront of the Turkish print industry. Besides its pre-press services, it’s one of the few companies in the country to only print digitally. Each year, it increases its print-production capacity, while keeping abreast of the latest technologies and trends.

The Ankara-based printer saw its business grow during the pandemic: “Publishers avoided keeping stock because of the uncertain future,” says Onur Kemeç. “They focused instead on online sales and reprinted books based on incoming orders. This is only possible due to the flexibility of digital printing.”

Publishers have now got used to not keeping stock, he adds. They’ve also got used to a maximum delivery time of three days.

Reprobir chose the Jet520NX press, its first roll-to-roll digital press, mainly for its price–performance ratio and cost transparency. “The machine shows very accurately ahead of a job how much ink it will consume and how long it will take to finish,” says Kemeç.

The Truepress Jet520NX prints 150 metres per minute double-sided in broadcast quality, and 80 metres per minute in the highest quality mode. “This means we can adapt the quality and price of the books to the wishes of the publishers,” says Kemeç. “Another feature of the Jet520NX important to us is the fact that it can print on any paper. This was a major advantage when we had paper-supply issues during the pandemic.”

Book publishers also recommended the Truepress Jet520NX technology, as the machine uses water-resistant pigment ink – so there’s no risk that the ink will rub off on readers’ hands.

Since investing in the Jet520NX, Reprobir has increased its daily printed book copies from 1,000 to 8,000 and grown its staff to 30 people. In May, the company moved to bigger premises in Ankara. “Given the rapid growth of the digital-print market in Turkey, and the qualities of the Truepress Jet, we expect to be able to increase our turnover fivefold in coming years”, says Kemeç.

Elektroser, SCREEN’s distributor in Turkey, guided Reprobir in the choice and installation of the Truepress Jet520NX machine.