Drukservice Impressa, one of Europe’s oldest print companies, has taken a further step towards expansion in digital label printing with the installation of a SCREEN Truepress Jet L350UV SAI machine. The newly acquired inkjet technology also serves to further diversify the company’s client offering.

“We decided to invest in digital inkjet technology for its ability to produce small print runs fast, which is crucial for our clients,” says Tom Bongaerts, Drukservice Impressa’s CEO. “For our food business converter clients, we wanted to expand from cut-sheet and wrap-around labels to include self-adhesive labels for high-speed application. We chose the SCREEN Truepress Jet L350UV SAI S for its high production speed and colour consistency, combined with the extreme flexibility inherent to a digital platform. We can be sure it will produce the exact colour in every additional print run, with speed and agility.”

For Drukservice Impressa, which has a history in the print industry that goes back to 1863, self-adhesive labels are a relatively modest but fast-growing segment of its activities. The company also provides wet glue labels made on sheetfed offset presses, as well as brochures, magazines, point-of-sale materials, folding carton packaging, and a wide range of other printed material. It has a strong client base in the food, chemistry, and retail sectors, servicing international clients in Belgium and beyond.

“Our clients increasingly wish to change their labels, both for ‘just-in-time’ marketing purposes and to be able to respond to rapidly changing label regulations,” Bongaerts explains. “The days that food producers, or any other brand owner, could order one label for the entire European market in large quantities are over. To meet this demand for shorter print runs to be delivered at short notice, inkjet digital printing is the answer. SCREEN’s press helps us by providing the flexibility and qualities our clients need, and that are our company’s strong trademarks. This press helps us bring our commercial DNA (that includes high quality, competitive pricing and extreme flexibility) to a label and packaging production market that was previously rather rigid and traditional.”

COVID accelerated growth in labels

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated Drukservice Impressa’s commitment to label printing. “Demand for labels remained strong, or even increased, during the difficult corona years, demonstrating that this is a resilient and steadfast market segment worth investing in for the long term,” Bongaerts explains.

SCREEN’s Truepress Jet L350UV SAI also helps Drukservice Impressa to diversify and provide its clients with the full offering of print products. In addition, Drukservice Impressa has been exploring market segments other than labels that may be worth investing in, such as non-adhesive product wrappers and sealing lids.

The machine’s ease of use contributes to its high production. “A print run is set up relatively easy and quickly and a large part of our production requires very little human intervention,” explains Bongaerts. The print line’s production also hinges on sophisticated software, provided by Belgian specialist Dataline Solutions, that ensures smooth alignment between printer and finishing equipment.

In picture above Drukservice Impressa team members (from left to right) Tom Bongaerts (CEO), Tom Cambré (CTO), Sammy Kennis (Digital print operator), Rick Bongaerts (Finishing operator)