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Sixty-seven percent of European consumers say they see plant-based dairy as complementary to dairy products, while 65% say plant-based dairy products are 'an opportunity to try something new,' according to new research from Olam Foods International

Researchers develop biodegradable, antimicrobial electrospun packaging materials to preserve beef; material's biobased nanofibers are made from gelatin infused with eugenol, maintains raw beef's quality, freshness, extends shelf life by nine days: study

Scientists develop greener process to produce electrospun mats for improving packaged seafood flavor; mats made from purity gum ultra starch/pullulan adsorb oyster peptides at 50.58% rate, Hi-Cap 100/pullulan mats adsorb at 34.36% rate: Jimei University

Scientists find low concentration of dimethyl trisulfide can mask off-odors from lipid oxidation in pure chicken powder; dimethyl trisulfide was identified as the most important odor-active compound of yeast extract

Scientists use extracts of peach, rose, lily flowers to improve the aroma of dealcoholized Merlot red wine; extracts had no adverse effects on chemical parameters, significantly improved aroma profile and sensory quality, with rose performing best

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