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Nippon Steel, Mitsubishi Corporation and ExxonMobil to Evaluate and Establish CCS Value Chains in the Asia Pacific Region

ExxonMobil commences operations of Polypropylene Growth Project, a new production unit in Louisiana's Capital Region; project doubles PP production capacity with an additional 450,000 tonnes/year

Major oil companies including Shell and ExxomMobil ramping up plastics output, anticipating reduced demand from fossil fuel end markets; plastics represent alternate end market for available shale gas reserves

ExxonMobil recognizes BASF Durasorb Cryo-HRU with technology qualification for LNG pre-treatment; product removes heavy hydrocarbons and water from natural gas feeds, helping reduce operational costs

ExxonMobil scientists predicted climate crisis 'with astounding accuracy' since 1977, Harvard study says; company's projections received 38%-66% greater average 'skill score' than NASA scientist James Hansen's when he testified to Congress in 1988

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