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Sun Chemical's Glenn Webster honored with National Association of Printing Ink Manufacturers' Technical Achievement Award for significant contributions to the science of printing ink formulation, manufacture and application

FDA department with India’s Chhattisgarh government urges citizens not to use newsprint for food parcels, says transfer of ink to food can cause digestive disorders, toxicity, cancers, failure of vital organs and weakening of the immune system

India's food standards regulatory authority advises food vendors, consumers to stop using newspapers for food packaging, storage because food tainted by newspaper ink can pose significant health risks due to presence of various bioactive substances

Sun Chemical highlights OEKO-TEX ECO PASSPORT certification across Xennia Amethyst Evo, ElvaJet Topaz and ElvaJet Opal; company is included in the ZDHC Chemicals to Zero Framework, underscoring commitment to chemical management excellence

Boston Industrial Solutions' MG Series Pad Printing ink and i-267X hardener get CPSIA certification, ensuring safe and compliant products for screen and pad printing on materials like glass, metal and plastic

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