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Baralan expanding its sustainable packaging options to include bioplastics made from organic scraps, such as coffee peel and rice, 30%-100% PCR plastic, biobased materials not linked to the food chain; collection can also be made without carbon black

Stadler’s new near-infrared sensor technology can detect, sort recyclable black plastic waste; black polymers previously escaped sensors due to carbon black absorbing light, and failing to detect them can cost recyclers up to 15% inbound material value

Study finds sustainable commercially available precipitated rice husk silica can replace conventional silica, some carbon black, in tire compounding; rice husk silica improves heat build-up, rolling resistance, abrasion loss: Bhupal Nobles’ University

Sun Chemical to present polyphenylene sulfide portfolio, color solutions for plastics industry at K 2022 event in Dusseldorf, Germany, Oct. 19-26; color solutions for mechanical recycling include Sicopal Black K 0098 FK, an alternative to carbon black

Orion Engineered Carbons to increase prices of specialty carbon black sold in Europe, effective Oct. 1, 2022; increases will vary by product and region

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