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Malaysia's palm oil industry continues to be affected by labor shortage even though the federal government opened the border back on April 1 and has encouraged the recruitment of foreign workers, industry officials say

Palm oil-related deforestation falls in Indonesia, but sector's success may be fragile as price rises and suppliers with comparatively poor performance on forests and transparency capture greater market share: study

European Parliament backing for plans to prevent EU banks financing deforestation is 'ray of hope' for forests, says Global Witness; MEPs vote to strengthen draft law that would already restrict imports of coffee, timber, palm oil, cattle, soy and cocoa

Study bakes cookies with emulsified shortening made from high oleic palm oil, high oleic red olein instead of traditional palm oil, finds no statistical difference in physical properties; novel oils contain lower saturated fat, higher oleic acid than TPO

Kao partners with business network Caux Round Table Japan to launch grievance mechanism for oil palm smallholders in Indonesia; mechanism will process complaints and inquiries from smallholders, covering investigation, resolving and follow-up

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