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Survey finds 90% of European respondents say companies should be held responsible for non-sustainable packaging; 53% say companies should only use '100% recyclable' packaging, 52% want more recycling in public areas, 50% want more deposit return programs

South Africa has five-year average paper recovery rate of about 70%, recycles around 1.15 million tonnes/year of paper, paper packaging; leaders aim to boost that by improving country's recycling infrastructure, educating consumers, introducing EPR policy

New Hope Ecotech's Eureciclo seal, which is printed on packaging, communicates that a brand invests resources in Brazil's recycling chain; seal means a manufacturer contributes to sorting centers, but not necessarily for recycling of that exact packaging

Chile’s Court for the Defense of Free Competition approves GIRO collective management system for containers and packaging by Brazil-based New Hope Ecotech to comply with collection and recovery goals of EPR law, which comes into force in September 2023

The Packaging Forum, NZ Food & Grocery Council to jointly lead project to codesign a Plastic Packaging Product Stewardship Scheme for New Zealand; consumer and community groups, government, producers, processors will be involved in decision-making process

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