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Study investigates water-jet charging to improve PP meltblown nonwoven fabric filtration efficiency; PP melt is extruded from spinneret, drawn by high-speed hot air, becoming ultra-fine fiber which is condensed on a collector forming a self-bonded item

Researchers develop PP meltblown nonwoven mask filters laminated with electrospun material to improve filtration efficiency, reduce pressure drop; air filters show 97.94% efficiency, low pressure drop of 53.2 Pa, high for sodium chloride aerosol particles

Donaldson Company Seeks Patent for Filtration Media Pack, Filter Elements and Air Filtration Media

Coty Inc Submits Patent Application for Sunscreen Cream Composition with Multiple Photoprotective UV Filters

Scientists modify beer filter media with zeolites to improve filtration performance, without compromising flavor, taste, color, pH; sodium, magnesium concentration are not significantly altered by filtration, while calcium, potassium slowly increases

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