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European Parliament ENVI committee votes primary woody biomass should not be subsidized and should largely be excluded from counting towards renewable energy targets; it also favors amendment limiting use of crop-based fuels in transport

German biofuels industry slams green group's paper on 'agrofuels' for denying positive climate record of sustainable biofuels; it also gives 'misleading impression' existing vehicle fleet could be powered by solar energy

US government boosting bets on biofuels as 'critical strategy' for a clean energy future; but creating biofuels is not always carbon neutral and making way for land-heavy feedstock crops such as soybeans can lead to destruction of forests and prairies

US FAA awards more than US$1.4M in research grants to build sustainable aviation fuel supply chains; projects include WSU examining potential for retrofitting pulp & paper mills to produce SAF from forest harvests, waste materials, crops 

Oak Ridge National Laboratory successfully introduces poplar gene into switchgrass, a key biofuel source, that allows switchgrass to interact with a beneficial fungus; the fungus allows switchgrass to take up nutrients and water and grow on marginal land

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