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Bath & Body Works celebrates Women's History Month by honoring five perfumers who created its iconic scents; its foundation will donate US$170,000 to the American Chemical Society Scholars Program for underrepresented groups in chemistry-related fields

Princeton University researchers develop sunlight-powered hydrogel for purifying water; poly N-isopropyl acrylamide hydrogel is based on loofah sponges, releases stored water when heated, can absorb organic dyes, heavy metals, oil, microplastics: study

Hexion to serve as a founding partner of Green Chemistry Teaching and Learning Community, a joint initiative of Beyond Benign and the American Chemical Society Green Chemistry Institute; project will launch green chemistry educational materials in 2023

Machine washing polyester fabrics releases five times more microplastics than hand washing; pre-soaking, using detergent, washboard increases microfiber release with hand washing, but temperature, detergent type, wash time, amount of water used does not

American Chemical Society announces research showing PFAS can be destroyed by ball milling; process mixes PFAS and additives with metal balls at high speeds, destroying chemical bonds in PFAS and converting them to less harmful substances

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