Case Studies

CPBIS Case Study

Academics get down to business using Industry Intelligence services for a 360° view of the paper industry

Center for Paper Business and Industry Studies (CPBIS) at Georgia Tech tracks the shifting paper industry and educates their students and business partners with news, data and analysis from Industry Intelligence. CPBIS is now using the premium i2dashboard for more in-depth information on the paper, pulp and forest products industries. Dr. Pat McCarthy, CPBIS Director said, "We've really enjoyed our relationship with Industry Intelligence over the many years. We see Industry Intelligence as a great service and we place a lot of value in it."

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Glatfelter Case Study

Designing a Global Intelligence Platform

Glatfelter partnered with Industry Intelligence a decade ago for guidance in centralizing all of their competitive, customer and market information. While there were other market intelligence suppliers courting Glatfelter, the company's decision-makers appreciated that Industry Intelligence offered a quality service as well as exceptional customer service. The continuous innovations created by Industry Intelligence that assist Glatfelter in their market intelligence and information management needs keep this business relationship going strong.

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FPAC Case Study

The voice of Canada's wood, pulp and paper producers calls Industry Intelligence "the first stop for information"

The Forest Products Association of Canada (FPAC) provides a voice for Canada's wood, pulp and paper producers nationally and internationally. FPAC has far reaching impacts on government, trade and environmental policies. Colleagues across FPAC use market intelligence from Industry Intelligence to help perform their jobs that influence and impact Canada's $57-billion-a-year forest products industry. Learn why FPAC relies on targeted market intelligence from Industry Intelligence to expand their knowledge.

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