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Scientists design biodegradable, electrospun nanofiber sheets for active food packaging; PVA/zein/gelatin sheets provide breathability for foods such as potatoes, kimchi, and exhibit 'good' mechanical, thermal, antibacterial, antioxidant properties: study

Researchers improve agarose coatings for active food packaging applications using caffeic acid; caffeic acid is grafted to agarose, which significantly increases packaging antioxidant, bacteriostatic activities, reduces water loss, extends fish shelf life

Researchers review natural halloysite nanotubes as functional additives for active food packaging use; nanotubes show extended shelf-life, antimicrobial activity, ethylene scavenging, barrier properties for moisture, gas: Indian Institute of Technology

Scientists develop biodegradable active packaging film for mushrooms; multilayered gelatin-sodium alginate film contains green tea extract from tea waste, shows improved barrier, mechanical properties, extends mushroom shelf-life by 7 days at 4°C: study

Scientists develop active, intelligent food packaging films using soybean polysaccharide, Malva sylvestris extract; films show antioxidant, antimicrobial activities, extend food shelf life, change color from gray to dark green in response shrimp spoilage

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