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Scientists develop heat sealable starch-chitosan bioplastic films mechanically reinforced with reduced graphene oxide for active food packaging; films displayed hydrophobic surface, low water solubility, improved antioxidant activity

Scientists double shelf life of high-moisture mozzarella cheese using antimicrobial coating based on carboxymethyl cellulose, natamycin; CMC coating caused significant decrease in all microbial groups, addition of natamycin reduced count of mold and yeast

Scientists develop nanocellulose fibril-based composite film from bamboo parenchyma cell that has potential for antimicrobial, biodegradable food packaging; silver nanoparticles in film could also slightly improve tensile properties, among other benefits

Scientists develop electrospun nanofibers for food packaging that improve postharvest quality of blackberries; fibers were incorporated with oregano essential oil and beta-cyclodextrin, showed good biocompatibility, antibacterial, antifungal qualities

Pectin found as 'very efficient' bioderived crosslinker to improve stability of polyvinyl alcohol membranes, showing 'very high' tensile strength, resistance to degradation, antiradical and antibacterial activity, improved water vapor barrier properties

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