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Statista expects US cosmetics/beauty e-commerce industry to generate US$88.5B in sales in 2024 and rise to US$94.5B by 2026; growth driven by consumer engagement on social media, with influencers having forceful impact on brand popularity, product sales

Milliken & Company included on America's Best Midsize Employers list curated by Forbes and Statista

BorgWarner recognized on the Forbes America's Best Employers 2024 list

Wearable technology market sees significant growth, with about 150 million wearable devices shipped in Q3 2023 reports Statista

Statista survey finds most popular US Christmas gifts are money, sweaters, perfume, smartphones; consultants say while pianos, handbags are trending gifts for the ultrarich, those 'exhausted' with 'hard luxury' opt for food, wellness retreats, space trips

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