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Mother's Recipe launches revamped Ready to Cook product packaging that features bright background colors in a matte finish, with green for vegetarian variants, pink for non-vegetarian variants, yellow for regional variants, purple for seafood variants

Dover's Environmental Solutions expands Connected Collections suite to include recycling, waste facility contamination technology; system can be installed on collection vehicles, scale houses, balers, compactors, transfer stations, processing centers

UPS introduces delivery enhancements in southern Malaysia, offering two-day shipping to over 50 Americas territories; upgrades come amid UPS's reinstated noon delivery for time-sensitive worldwide imports in specific Kuala Lumpur and Penang postal codes

Cannabis brand Pure Sunfarms introducing updated line of color-coded packaging with more informative labels; brand’s signature green color will remain on packaging of dried flower, while new colors will be introduced for vapes, pre-rolls, concentrates

NetApp, an intelligent data infrastructure company, designs new environmentally friendly packaging that reduces GHG emissions by 50%; the packaging is made from 98% recyclable and renewable materials, using less cellulose pulp and generating less waste

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