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Six new land conservation projects by National Fish and Wildlife Foundation will permanently protect more than 200,000 acres of vital US wildlife habitat; US$3.1M in Walmart Acres for America grants will leverage US$133.4M in matching funds

Pine martens return to south of England after 20th Century hunting drove them to brink of extinction; Forestry England has been tracking the otter relative now breeding in the New Forest and says its presence could help boost numbers of red squirrels

US Fish and Wildlife Service's reclassification of northern long-eared bat as an endangered species will trigger land-use restrictions that could hinder timber harvesting operations in 38 states, says Decorative Hardwoods Assn.

US Fish and Wildlife Service reclassifies northern long-eared bat as endangered species, effective Jan. 30, 2023; change likely to raise questions about establishing ESA compliance for forestry, wind energy, infrastructure, other projects in bat's range

Green Diamond commits to raising hunters' awareness of threat to condors from lead bullets; restoration efforts have raised global condor numbers to around 500 from 23 in 1982, but in California large animal carcasses the bird eats are often full of lead

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