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Hormel Foods CEO says--two years since start of pandemic--demand for food at home is as strong as it has been, while demand for food away from home is also strong, 'so now we are living in this double-demand world'

Aldi, Lidl are best performing UK grocers in 12 weeks ended March 20, both increasing sales by 3.6% year-over-year; take home grocery sales fall 6.3% as consumers dine out more, spending on own-brand products up to 50.6% from 49.9% amid inflation: Kantar

Thirty-six percent of Americans say they're dining out less often than usual because gas prices have gone up too much, survey says

Scientists estimate a weekly takeout meal results in ingestion of up to 18,500 microplastic particles from commonly used food and drink containers; polystyrene boxes, hot liquids, repeated washing of eat-in containers produced the most microplastics

Panera launches contactless dine-in service that allows customers to order via app, receive notification when food is ready without need for pagers or waiting at the counter; company says move will reduce lines, free up employees to provide other services

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