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Plastics Europe and European Plastics Converters launch Operation Clean Sweep certification scheme; program will set common minimum requirements that will be audited regularly with regard to releases of plastic pellets into the environment

Machine washing polyester fabrics releases five times more microplastics than hand washing; pre-soaking, using detergent, washboard increases microfiber release with hand washing, but temperature, detergent type, wash time, amount of water used does not

Xeros Technology, University of Surrey to jointly fund textile microfiber recycling process co-developed with NCSU; project to upcycle microplastics captured from laundering clothes into carbon material used to make batteries, solar cells, medical devices

Tech vs. Trees: German manufacturer upcycles lignin into beauty products ingredient, cellulose-based glitter aims to curb microplastic pollution, studies compare environmental impact of print books versus e-books

Dutch study shows about 2% of visibly floating ocean plastic may completely break down every year; sunlight, bacteria may have already degraded 22% of all floating plastic waste ever released into the ocean: Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research

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