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Exposure to polystyrene microplastics during embryonic development did not alter behavior in early life, but led to hyperactivity later in life, according to University of Seoul animal studies

Ingevity's Capa thermoplastic grades receive OK biodegradable MARINE certification by TÜV Austria Bureau of Inspection and Certification; recognition means Capa thermoplastics can fully biodegrade in marine environment within four weeks

European farmland could be biggest global reservoir of microplastics due to fertilizers derived from sewage sludge; UK scientists find 31,000-42,000 tonnes/year of microplastics are applied to European soils, mirroring ocean surface water concentrations

Scientists do not understand how synthetic nanoparticles from textile, food, cosmetic waste may affect environment, health, as research is difficult due to particle sizes; some scientists believe nanoparticles may pose greater threat than microplastics

Researchers at Germany's University of Bayreuth examine PE degradation in the environment in detail; decomposition can lead to formation of peroxides, a potential threat to ecosystems

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