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Research from University of California San Diego and materials science firm Algenesis finds the company's algae-based polymers biodegrade by 97% after 200 days in water; chemical analysis shows that the polymers degrade into their starting plant materials

Toray announces development of spherical polyamide 4 fine particle that is biodegradable in the ocean; company to provide samples of the product as an alternative material for cosmetics applications, aiming to commercialize product by March 2025

Carbios's enzyme technology breaks down PLA compost in 28 days in any soil at any temperature, passing tests for home compost environments; branded as CARBIOS Active, technology leaves no microplastics, is FDA-approved for food contact applications

Norway-based Chiron develops commercially available microplastic reference materials in collaboration with Norwegian Institute for Water Research; materials aid in identifying the quantity and type of microplastics present in water

GKD to present microplastic water filtration solutions at IFAT in Munich, including debut of year-round filter that can significantly reduce microplastic pollution due to tire abrasion; filter removes up to 97% of total suspended solids from street runoff

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