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Research conducted by University of Hull and Hull York Medical School shows two of the five microplastic polymer types found in human veins came from food packaging; the first polymer was PVAC and the second polymer was nylon and EVOH-EVA

Scientists develop artificial neural network to accurately obtain electrospun fiber diameter, confirming electrospinning machines with AI can increase productivity, reduce failures; AI uses parameters such as applied voltage, solution concentration: study

Blueland, Plastic Pollution Coalition, advocacy groups petition EPA to require testing of PVA plastic films in consumer goods such as laundry detergent pods, sheets; more than 75% of intact plastic particles can be released to the environment, study shows

Scientists develop antibacterial, electrospun nanofibers for wound healing which include green-synthesized copper nanoparticles; fibers are comprised of polycaprolactone, PVA, with copper from C. officinalis extract: Arak University of Medical Sciences

Patent Issued for Foam compositions comprising polylactic acid polymer, polyvinyl acetate polymer and plasticizer, articles, and methods of making and using same (USPTO 11407872)

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