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Ohio-based plastics recycler Evergreen joins Cyclyx consortium; Evergreen is a supplier of food and non-food grade rPET for global brands

Stora Enso and Kolon Industries announce collaboration to develop, industrialize biobased polyesters and renewable binder resin formulations; potential applications include packaging, care tire reinforcements and more

Carbios partners with Toulouse Biotechnology Institute to expand enzyme research for recycling plastics other than PET, PLA; potential plastics for Carbios' proprietary recycling processes include polyamides, polyurethanes, polyolefins: study

Origin Materials enters agreement to supply Hyosung Advanced Materials with carbon-negative materials including PET, hybrid PET/FDCA, HTC battery materials and more; materials are suitable for end markets including automotive, apparel

NCSU researchers separate cotton from polyester in blended fabric using enzymes, which could lead to more efficient textile recycling; process produces clean polyester for recycling, though method requires extra steps if fabric is dyed, wrinkled-treated

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