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U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Receives Indian Oil Corporation's Patent Application for Process for Enhancement of RON of FCC Gasoline with Simultaneous Reduction in Benzene

Natural gas transported by interstate pipelines leaks hazardous air pollutants, carcinogens; estimates say gas infrastructure leaked 1.4 million tons of methane in 2020, benzene up to 299 ppm, or 30,000 times short-term exposure level: PSE Healthy Energy

U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Awards Patent for Pyrimidinyloxy Benzene Derivatives as Herbicides

US Patent Issued to FMC on Sept. 20 for "Pyrimidinyloxy benzene derivatives as herbicides" (American, Indian Inventors)

Patent Application Titled 'Integrated Process With A Depolyaromatization Column For The Production Of Benzene, Toluene And Xylenes From Pyrolysis Fuel Oil Stream' Published Online (USPTO 20220275297)

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