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LG Chemical files Korean patent application for Superabsorbent Polymer: Application No. KR20200054682 20200507

WIPO shares LG Chem patent application for superabsorbent polymer and a preparation method therefor: Publication No. WO/2022/075777

Smith & Nephew issued patent for self-contained wound dressing with micropump; dressing comprises nonwoven fabrics, super absorbent polymers and apparatus draws wound fluids into a vacuum zone of dressing to facilitate wound healing: USPTO 11278658

WIPO publishes LG Chem patent application for super absorbent polymer exhibiting excellent biodegradability without degradation of properties and a preparation method therefor: Publication No. WO/2022/065843

Wonderful Nonwoven files Chinese patent for production line, method of composite nonwoven fabric with water-absorbing core; method solves production problems by first forming net from sprayed meltblown fibers, cotton, resin: Publication No. CN112760827(A)

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