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Scientists modify biodegradable active, intelligent food packaging films with litchi shell extract as pH indicator; films monitor fish freshness at 4°C, 25°C, show improved UV blocking, break elongation, are made of gelatin, chitosan, polyvinyl alcohol

Scientists improve PLA active food packaging using polyvinyl alcohol coating with proanthocyanidin clay; biodegradable coat increases PLA film's antibacterial, antioxidant, barrier properties, extends pasteurized milk shelf life to 96 hours from 60 hours

Researchers create intelligent, active food packaging film made from chitosan/chitin nanofibers with eggplant peel anthocyanins; film indicates pork freshness, and durability, water vapor, oxygen barrier properties significantly increase at 5 wt% chitin

Michelman to showcase new coating technologies developed in partnership with BOBST and UPM at Converters Expo 2023; new solutions enable production of mono-material constructions that enhance recyclability of flexible packaging

France's MOBIOTEX project develops nonwoven materials from recycled textiles for use in timber-frame construction; fibrous vapor barrier, rain screen materials show promise to replace petrochemical-based materials commonly used for construction: study

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