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Yale University researcher is developing 'clean building materials from agricultural waste for insulation, energy efficiency, indoor humidity control; coconut husks, straw, sugarcane bagasse fibers could potentially replace wood, Styrofoam for insulation

Study finds microplastics in 100% of Colorado's Front Range water samples; study comes as Colorado Plastic Pollution Reduction Act, which bans single-use plastic bags, PS cups, containers, goes into effect Jan. 1, 2024

To tackle plastic pollution, Oregon plans to phase out use of PS foodware and packing peanuts, and Washington is working to set up bottle-filling stations in newly built buildings and ensure lodging establishments use bulk dispensers for toiletries: PIRG

US expandable PS supply meets market demand, but economic challenges impact purchase trends; March imports and Q1 exports both down year-over-year: ICIS

US scientists create temperature-responsive colored fibers for nonwovens, smart textiles, sensors; electrospun polycaprolactone or PS fibers contain cholesteryl ester liquid crystals, reversibly change color when heated, cooled from 32ºC-37ºC: study

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