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Aisti wins Pulp & Beyond Award Startup Competition for its patented, ultra-low density fire-retardant foam material; foam can be used to make board-like products for applications like acoustic tiles, thermal insulation, windshield panels, package cushions

ORBIS’ new ORBIShield ECO dunnage product line uses recovered and reprocessed plastic resins and can be recycled at end of life; line includes ECOLux coated fabric crafted from PP, Evolon Laminate made with 70% PCR material, EPE expanded PE foam

Stora Enso designs a biobased, recyclable, biodegradable packaging solution for artist Baiba Glass to ship her art; Papira is a fiber-based cellulose foam that's lightweight and has excellent shock absorbing properties, and FibreStrap is a paper cable tie

Owens Corning fully transitions its insulation production to FOAMULAR NGX in all US and Canada plants, eliminating toxic HFC 134a from products; change results in more than 80% reduction in embodied carbon, reduces buildings' environmental impact

Government of twin-island federation Saint Kitts and Nevis is moving to ban single-use plastics by implementing a three-phase structure; ban will include shopping bags, PS food containers, straws, cups, plates, utensils

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