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Study reviews use of lycopene in active film packaging, emulsion, microcapsules, composite coatings, as food preservative; natural phytochemical compound provides antioxidant activity to food products such as meat, seafood, oil, dairy, fruits, vegetables

Researchers develop versatile intelligent packaging system using bacterial cellulose nanocrystal-stabilized camellia oil Pickering emulsions; emulsions enhance properties such as hydrophobicity, UV shielding, antioxidant activity: Northwest A&F University

India-based VedaOils, owned by Bo International, launches Cosmetic Raw Material Range for personal care brands; range include emulsifiers, texturizers and fillers

Researchers develop functional biopolymer film made of pullulan, agar, pickering emulsion of eucalyptus essential oil, rutin; light yellow film shows enhanced UV protection, antioxidant activity, shows potential for active food packaging applications

Scientists make promising active packaging film for cheese from emulsified bacterial cellulose nanocrystal gelatin; film has 'excellent' antibacterial, antioxidant, UV-shielding, 'good' biodegradable, mechanical, heat-sealing, sustained release properties

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