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Biochar created from olive tree twigs and spent malt rootlets proves effective as electrodes in Zn-air batteries, according to University of Patras, Greece; researchers find both types of biomass-based biochar exhibit high electrocatalytic capacities

Chalmers University of Technology researchers use biodiesel to purify and recycle metals which, in turn, can be used to develop green technologies; research shows how metal industry can accelerate transition from fossil-based to bio-based solvents

New study in The Journal of Fungi finds endophytic fungi show promise as a natural source of red coloring for cosmetic products; the Amazonian plant, Fridericia chica, hosts nine endophytic fungi, with H. investiens showing best pigmentation results

SK chemicals collaborates with Dongsung Chemical and Black Yak on sustainable footwear materials based on SK's naturally-derived ECOTRION; material is 100% biobased and cuts GHG emissions by about 40% compared to conventional petrochemical materials

Tech vs. Trees: Scientists produce Tylenol’s active ingredient from trees instead of petroleum, paper analytic test can detect water contaminants in remote areas, magazine publishers return to print to attract brand-name advertisers

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