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OrganoClick, KTH develop biobased nonwovens binder made from wheat gluten, chitosan, carboxymethyl cellulose, citric acid with University of Gothenburg; binder bonds cellulose, paper fibers, improves mechanical properties, dry and wet strength: study

Trade association European Bioplastics says University of Gothenburg's press release on its 'Paper cups are just as toxic as plastic cups' study contains elements that may be misleading regarding biodegradability of biodegradable plastics, toxicity of PLA

Paper cups are just as toxic as plastic cups when left in nature, according to University of Gothenburg researchers, based on study of how leached chemicals from both affect larvae of butterfly mosquitos; all cups negatively affected growth of larvae

University of Gothenburg and MetaboGen create method to overcome oxygen sensitivity in beneficial gut bacteria, set for use in next-generation probiotics; BioGaia investigating the product's impact on blood sugar control in prediabetes individuals

Study finds PLA bioplastic made from sugar cane may also threaten the environment; fish exposed to PLA microplastics in their food show concerning changes in behavior, altered ability to form shoals, reduced movements: University of Gothenburg

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