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Fibre Extrusion Technology appoints Dr. Kristoffer Kortsen as senior materials and process scientist; his main area of work is in gel spinning of ultra-high molecular weight PE for range of industries including medical, aerospace, defense, marine

AGFA HealthCare deploys Enterprise Imaging Platform designed to enhance workflow efficiency, clinical collaboration in radiology across different medical specialties and locations, focusing on AI integration and optimizing radiologists' time management

Researchers develop nanofibrous membranes using PVA-based electrospun nonwoven; potential applications include personal protective equipment, air filtration, drug delivery, wound care, regenerative medicine due to antibacterial and antiviral properties

Study finds needle punched nonwovens' structural parameters, fiber fineness, antistatic agents influence their triboelectrification; findings hold potential for applications in healthcare, filtration, and triboelectric energy harvesting

Nantong University researchers develop flexible electronic skin with electrical, sensing, and thermal properties using a combination of polypyrrole and polyurethane nonwoven; promising applications in wearable technology and biomedical devices

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