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Researchers develop electrospun nylon membrane to selectively filter compounds from grapefruit juice; membrane reduces 100% bitter limonin, 17%-30% bitter flavanones from pink, yellow grapefruit juice, with lower loss of ascorbic acid: University of Milan

Taiwanese scientists develop odor-free medical mask using meltblown, electrospun polyvinyl butyral fibers, eucalyptus oil; mask is ideal for long-period wearing, shows 98.3% particle filtration efficiency, 99.9% bacterial filtration efficiency: study

Scientists develop 3D tissue scaffolds using electrospun, meltblown polycaprolactone fibers, hyaluronan hydrogel; meltblown fibers ensure optimal 3D porous structure, and electrospun nanofibers allow for good cell adhesion: Technical University of Liberec

Scientists develop electrospun air filter for removing nanoparticles which is biodegradable, plant-based; filter is made of PLA on coconut substrate, has 70% filtration efficiency for particles ranging from 0.02 mm-0.2 mm: Warsaw University of Technology

Researchers review capabilities of electrospun protein fibers for food packaging, medicine, drug delivery, cosmetics, filtration; fibers show biocompatibility, low toxicity, degradability, but processibility issues have limited widespread utilization

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