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Monthly provincial prices received by Canadian farmers in December 2023 for grains, oilseeds, specialty crops, cattle, hogs, poultry, eggs and dairy products are now available: Statistics Canada

Rabobank expects Brazil to set new record for pork production and exports, but global production will be lower in 2024 due to reduced female herd in main world markets; China, US and Europe, which had smaller herds in 2023, will suffer falls in production

Study refutes claims that global livestock industry can sequester enough carbon to offset emissions, warms policy geared toward that goal may be misguided; study highlights challenge of balancing methane emitted annually by cattle, sheep, bison, and goats

Microsoft makes first purchase of soil carbon storage credits in grasslands from Grassroots Carbon, supporting regenerative ranching practices; 41% of US grassland is used for grazing, with capacity to sequester over 500 million tons of CO2 a year

Canadian Food Inspection Agency authorizes the use of Bovaer, a feed supplement that can suppress methane emissions from cattle

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