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Kraig Biocraft Laboratories announces that spring production trials for the new BAM-1 hybrid have begun and are on track to meet company's expectations, timeline; BAM-1 is Kraig Labs' newest, most robust recombinant spider silk production silkworm hybrid

Kraig Biocraft Labs CEO 'encouraged' by RPI's method of creating spider silk protein from waste plastics; Kraig's recombinant spider silk production model is different, as RPI method uses new strain of bacteria to depolymerize PE into recombinant proteins

Kraig Biocraft Laboratories' management will travel to Vietnam to oversee launch of spring production trials, lay groundwork for planned commercial expansion; BAM-1 production trial is next step in commercial-scale production of recombinant spider silk

FuturaGene's genetically modified eucalyptus with triple characteristics gets global approval from National Technical Biosafety Commission; approval marks first of its kind, promising more crop productivity, herbicide tolerance and resistance to insects

US government will do everything possible to find a solution to the ban on GM corn imports into Mexico through the dispute settlement panel it filed under the T-MEC, government official says

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